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Van Tasell, D. and Folkeard, P. (2013). Reliability and accuracy of a method of adjustment for self-measurement of auditory thresholds. Otology and Neurology 34(1)

Scollie, S., Glista, D., Tenhaaf, J. Dunn A.,Maladrino, A., Keene, K. & Folkeard, P.(2012) Stimuli and normative data for detection of Ling-6 sounds in Hearing Level. Am. J. Audiol.

Posters and Presentations


Acclimatization to amplification through gradual gain adjustment model
Paula Folkeard, Don Hayes, John Pumford. Presented at Canadian Academy of Audiology St. John’s, NL

Acclimatization to amplification through gradual gain adjustment model
Don Hayes, John Pumford, Paula Folkeard. Presented at AudiologyNow! Anaheim 2013

Design, Optimization, and Evaluation of an American English Matrix Sentence Test in Noise Kreisman B., Carroll, R., Zokoll, M.A., Warzybok, A., Allen, P., Folkeard, P. Wagener, K.C., Kollmeier, B.  AudiologyNow! Anaheim 2013


Speech Quality Evaluation of Dereverberation Algorithms with Hearing Impaired Listeners
Jonathan Pietrobon, Arvind Venkatasubramanian, Paula Folkeard, and Vijay Parsa. Presented at Canadian Acoustical Association- Quebec City

Perceptual Evaluation of Digital Signal Processing Strategies In a Modern Hearing Instrument Across Noisy and Reverberant Environments. Akram Keymanesh, Susan Scollie, Vijay Parsa, Paula Folkeard, Don Hayes, Leonard Cornelisse, Prudence Allen. Presented at Canadian Academy of Audiology- Ottawa, ON