Faculty of Music

Storm Aftermath Updates

September 25, 2013

Progress on the basement continues.

You will have access to all rooms, except MB 13, on Monday, Sept. 30.

Until Monday, nobody is allowed into the basement to let the workers finish the clean-up. 

The only exceptions will be students retrieving items from their lockers in the basement.

An email will be sent Wednesday afternoon telling those students when and where they can move their belongings.

Do not store anything in practice rooms. Use them only for practising.

September 24, 2013

Assessment of spaces in the basement of MB will be completed by the end of the week.

Students who had beige lockers on the bottom row will be re-assigned. Check with Students' Council.

Students' damaged materials will either be replaced or restored by the end of the week.

September 23, 2013

Students - 

What to do after Music Building flood:

Please check your locker in the basement, especially the lower row.

Make a list of damaged items and send to the dean, byounker@uwo.ca.

Damaged music: Photocopy. Take damaged original music to the Dean’s Office.  Track copying expenses and email the dean.

Instruments in the basement but not in lockers are in MB 102 now. Security guard will give instructions if you need to remove them.

Remove items in basement practice rooms.

Tuba, euphonium and string bass students will be sent email from studio teacher on next steps.

Trombone and French horn students take your instruments with you this week.

If nothing is damaged you may leave your belongings in the locker for now.

Updates later this week.