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Composition, Electro-Acoustic Research and Performance Facility

The CEARP facility is a resource, consisting of two audio and MIDI studios, for composers who wish to pursue creative development using electro-acoustic music techniques.

Course information studio B and C

Music 2695a/b: Introduction to Electro-Acoustic Music Systems
A practical introduction to electro-acoustic hardware and software, appropriate technical concepts and terminology, and repertoire. Course requirements will include individual assignments and a final examination.
3 hours, 0.5 course.

Music 3695: Electro-Acoustic Music Composition
Continued study of the terminology and technology of electronic music. Historical development, musique concrète, the "classical" studio, the synthesizer, and computer applications. Survey of the literature with some analysis. Compositional techniques and notation peculiar to electronic music and its real time performance.
Prerequisites: Music 195a/b, Music 229.
3 hours, 1.0 course.

Music 9533a/b/y: Electro-Acoustic Composition & Performance
The objective is to produce musical compositions which use digital techniques of synthesis and data manipulation, and also feature integrated live-performance aspects. Participants are expected to have adequate previous performance and electroacoustic training.
Graduate Course.

Equipment List Studio B and C

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