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Robert Toft has been awarded a Distinguished International Visitors Fellowship, funded by the Australian Research Council, for a two-month visit to the Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions in Sydney (April and May 2016). During the fellowship, Robert will work with singers in several cities on the old bel canto style of delivery and co-write a paper on singing in Handel’s operas with one of the Centre’s Australian associate investigators.

Katie Overy has returned as a Visiting Professor in Brain, Mind and Music Learning in 2015. Overy is Director of the Institute for Music in Human and Social Development at Edinburgh University an interdisciplinary research and teaching centre investigating and applying music as a therapeutic, educational, artistic and social tool.

Overy holds degrees in music and psychology from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Sheffield, UK and has also studied at the Zoltan Kodaly Pedagogical Institute of Music, Hungary. She conducted postdoctoral work in fMRI techniques and neuroimaging of musical processing with Gottfried Schlaug at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre and Harvard Medical School.

Overy’s groundbreaking research in the field of the Neurosciences and Music has established her as a leading international scholar in the field. During her visiting professorship at Western she is expected to be working to establish research relationships between the Don Wright Faculty of Music, Western’s Brain and Mind Institute and the Auditory Development Lab at McMaster University.  Plans are also underway for a pilot research project to consolidate these research relationships. This will provide exciting opportunities for students.

Western Music professor Dr. James Grier was awarded the Margaret Wage Labarge Prize for books published in 2012. His book, Ademari Cabannensis, Opera Liturgica et Poetica: Musica cum Textibus, was selected by a committee of peers as the best book published by a Canadian scholar in that year. Here is what the committee had to say about the work:

The committee unanimously agreed that Grier’s monumental two-volume critical edition of the works of the eleventh century monk Adémar of Chabannes was a scholarly achievement of the highest order. Many of the musical texts transcribed here have not previously appeared in modern editions. Committee members praised the meticulous scholarship evident in the introduction and the transcriptions, and they noted the similarly high quality of the philological work. They also drew attention to the elegance and clarity of the written presentation. The committee believes that this work not only makes a significant contribution as to medieval musicology, but that those contributions will be of lasting scholarly value. 

The prize consists of an honorary membership in the society for three years, $300, and a calligraphic</x> certificate commemorating the achievement. Dr. Grier has also been invted to share his work at a future congress  in Ottawa in 2015 and Calgary in 2016.

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