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Music for Non Music Majors

The Academic Calendar has a comprehensive list of our course-based offerings available to non-music majors. Courses include Listening to Music, Foundations in Singing, Fundamentals of Music Theory, Music in Global Contexts, Post World War II Popular Music, Musical Theatre, and Introduction to Jazz among others.

Information on participating in a Faculty of Music Ensemble can be found on the Ensembles page.

Information on taking applied lessons for credit is found below.

Music 1925, 2925, 3925, 4925 (Lessons)

Applied music lessons offered to non-music majors for credit (See Academic Calendar for complete course description). The fee for music lessons for the 2013-14 school year is $1,950.00. For more information, download the pdf below.

Music 1925Music 1925 (lessons for non-Bachelor of Music students)

Audition information:

Lessons for Non Bachelor of Music Students

If a student is currently registered in 1925 and wants to use their year-end jury as an audition for BMus, they must to take the following two steps:

  1. Inform the Admissions Officer, Odilla Van Delinder, TC210, ovandeli@uwo.ca, of their intent to do this so that she can get the information into her records and prepare an audition form.
  2. Inform Melaney Mathews, TC232, mamathew@uwo.ca, so that she can alert the jurors that they will be filling out an audition form for BMus, as well as a jury report form.