Faculty of Music

Graduate Symposium

Welcome to the 15th annual…

Western University Graduate Symposium on Music

“The Ongoing Bond Between Music and Technology”
August 23-24, 2013

Friday, 2:00 PM
Opening Reception – Talbot College 141

Friday, 2:45 PM
Opening Remarks – Dr. Catherine Nolan, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

Friday, 3:00 PM
Chair: Leslie Kinton
Andrzej Terezkowski, Western University “Electro-Spectral Drones and Microtonal Variance in Mikroliryka”
Garreth Broesche, University of Wisconsin-Madison “Glenn Gould, Spliced”

Friday, 4:15 PM
Chair: Lauren Cooke
Bryan Martin, McGill University “The Foundations of the Sound of the Electric Guitar: An
Investigation into Classic Fender and Marshall Amplifiers as Musical Instruments”
David Vanderhamm, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill “The Other End of the Cable: Guitar Amplifiers, Instrumentality, and Sonic Ecology”

Friday, 5:30 PM
Chair: Dr. Sam Trosow
Daniel Rosen, Western University From Demo to Download: Producing a Contemporary Pop Track

Saturday, 9:30 AM
Chair: Matthew Toth
Anthony Cushing, Western University “Sonus ist non liberum: The sound archive as exclusive repository”
Paul Rushka, McGill University “The Effects of Technology on the Set-up and Construction of the
Double-bass for the Jazz Performer”

Saturday, 10:45 AM
Chair: Dr. Catherine Nolan
Mary Blake Bonn, Western University “Contexts of Computation: A place for computer-assisted musical analysis in a culturally oriented musicological climate”
Peter Lea, Western University “On the Outside Looking In: The Problem of Perspective in Animated Transformational Analyses”

Lunch, 12:00PM – 1:30PM

Saturday, 1:30 PM
Chair: Daniel Rosen
Dr. Samuel Trosow, Western University “Music Copyright and Technology: The New Canadian Landscape”
Anastasia Udarchik, University of Toronto “Phenomenology of Internal Time Consciousness in Neo-Minimalist Electronic Dance Music: Sound Visualization in Amon Tobin's ISAM (2011)”
Edward Wright, University of Toronto “The “Live Set”: Analog Performance Practice as Composition in Techno and House Music”

Saturday, 3:15 PM
Chair: Dr. Robert Toft
Nolan Pollock, Western University “Owen Wingrave: An Investigation into the Genesis and Reception of Britten’s Television Opera”
Matt Shelvock, Western University “Audio Mastering as Musical Practice”

Saturday, 4:30 PM
Chair: Daniel Rosen
Keynote Presentation:
Dr. Jay Hodgson, Western University “Representing Sound: An Ontology of Recorded Musical Communications