Faculty of Music

Stephen Ralls masterclass

Wednesday, November 27, 8 p.m.
von Kuster Hall, Music Building
Don Wright Faculty of Music, Western University

Villes (Les Illuminations)Irina Medvedeva, soprano
Melanie Cancade, piano                  

A Cradle Song (Charm of Lullabies)
Simona Genga, mezzo-soprano
Stephane Mayer, piano

Let the Florid Music Praise (On this Island)
Ross Mortimer, tenor
Melanie Cancade, piano              

The Trees They Grow So High and The Ash Grove (British Isles Folk Songs)
Nicole Cates, soprano
Charmaine Fopoussi, piano        

Be Kind and Courteous (Midsummer Night's Dream)
Chelsea Pall, soprano
Paul Digout, piano                      

Embroidery Aria (Peter Grimes)
Lisa Mulgrew, soprano
Trevor Chartrand, piano