Faculty of Music

The Parsons & Poole Legacy Project

Glamorous, talented and world-famous, the husband and wife pianists were not typical professors at Western in the 1950s. Margaret Parsons and Clifford Poole balanced performance tours as a piano duo with teaching and inspiring young musicians. They also recorded their work, and created educational materials.

To honour the legacy of this dynamic duo, a legacy project brings renowned artists to Western to perform and provide masterclasses, thanks to the commitment of a group of alumnae who studied with Parsons and Poole. It is fitting recognition for the couple that, due to their own prestige, attracted other accomplished teachers and students to Western.

The project gives students at Western an opportunity to study with musicians who bring the same acclaim and expertise as Parsons and Poole. These students will follow in the footsteps of such performers as baritone Victor Braun, who began his singing career under Clifford Poole’s direction in Gilbert and Sullivan productions, and James Anagnoson and Leslie Kinton.