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2017-18 Modern Languages and Literatures 



1000 Level

WLC 1030: World Literatures and Cultures East to West and North to South

Explore the roots of today’s global world through a selection of writers, artists, and works that have changed, challenged, and connected civilizations, past and present.  Engage with a variety of visual material inspired by the literary masterworks under examination. Find out how stories - old and recent - relate so forcefully to our lives, how they shape our understanding of love, justice, power, happiness, and other universal aspects of the human condition. Travel from Europe to Asia, from Africa to the Americas; along the way, discover the artistic wonders of some of the capitals of world culture. 
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No prerequisite required, can be used as a prerequisite for entry into the Minor in Comparative Literature and Civilization.

2000 Level

Spanish 2901A: World Cultures/Global Screens

By looking at a body of films from Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, this course aims to expose students to a wide range of questions and debates around culture and identity, while also relating these matters to circulating discourses about the Global. Depending on each case study, the consecutive units focus on different critical approaches, alternatively addressing questions concerning the representation of racial, ethnic and cultural identities, matters of gender and female authorship, and issues of genre and stardom.
This course is cross listed with CLC 2107A and Film 2195A
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--CANCELLED-- Spanish 2902A: Latin American Cinema

This course will concentrate on Latin American cinemas, referring to a body of films made in different countries insce the advent of sound and the rise of the first studios in the region until today, with a strong emphasis on the most recent productions which have been re-defining the landscape of these varied and rich national film industries and film cultures. Always approaching the texts as social and aesthetic practices, attention will be paid to questions of (national and cultural) identity, film history and historiography, realism and ideology, and issues of race and gender. This course is cross listed with Film 2194A.
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3000 Level

Spanish 3901G: Women Filmmakers

This course will explore the notion of film authorship in relation to its utterances and implications when associated to the praxis of women film directors, with a special emphasis on contemporary Hipanic voices. While troubling the notion of women's cinema, its definition, limits and limitations, a wide range of case studies - films emerging from dissimilar contexts of production and reception - will be mostly read and discussed in the light of feminist approaches to questions about gender and representation. In this sense, the course will also offer a historical and critical overview of feminist scholarship within film studies and of the ongoing debates in this area of study. This course is also cross-listed with WS 3375G and Film 3311G
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Spanish 3903G: Literary Creativity in the Digital Age / Creatividad Literaria en la Era Digital

Have you heard of Wattpad? Join this online storytelling community and discover why this Toronto-based platform is the preferred option for readers of your generation all over the world. In this course, you will become a writer in the digital age. Explore the app or the website and write your own story, read your classmates’ and others’ stories, vote and comment on them, follow your favorite authors and get your own followers. Everything from your phone or your computer! You will learn how these new social interactions between readers and writers are changing the literary production and publication system. The course will showcase successful cases that made the leap to the literary and film industries. You could be the next! In this course, we will also reflect critically on the role of Wattpad and Artificial Intelligence in the future of literary creativity. Could a machine ever write a bestseller?
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