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EZ-Vision® Dye-as-Loading Buffer, 6X, AMRESC

Provides a safe, non-mutagenic alternative to ethidium bromide for instantaneous fluorescent DNA band visualization. This environmentally friendly dye requires no special handling or disposal, and will not incur hazardous shipping, storage, or waste charges. Supplied in a 6X loading buffer that is added to the DNA sample and can be run on a gel and visualized immediately on a UV transilluminator. Requires no post electrophoresis staining or destaining and has a very broad emission spectra with a peak near 450nm that works with most existing filters for gel documentation. Three different tracking dye options are available. Each version contains the same non-hazardous fluorescent DNA dye and loading buffer. EZ-Vision® One is one tracking dye migrating at approximately 10bp in a 1% agarose gel. EZ-Vision® Two is two tracking dyes migrating at approximately 4,000bp and 400bp in a 1% agarose gel. EZ-Vision® Three is three tracking dyes migrating at approximately 4,000bp, 400bp, and 10bp in a 1% agarose gel.

qScript™ cDNA SuperMix, Quanta Biosciences

SuperMix provides a sensitive and easy-to-use solution for two-step qRT-PCR. This 5x concentrated master mix provides all necessary components (except RNA template) for first-strand synthesis including: buffer, dNTPs, MgCl2, primers, RNase inhibitor protein, qScript reverse transcriptase, and stabilizers. qScript™i s a RNase H(+) derivative of MMLV-RT, optimized for reliable cDNA synthesis over a wide dynamic range of input RNA. The unique blend of oligo (dT) and random primers in the qScript™ cDNA SuperMix works exceptionally well with a wide variety of targets. This blend is optimized for the production of targets \<1kb in length. qScript™ cDNA SuperMix produces excellent results in both real-time and conventional RT-PCR.

Fetal Bovine Sera, PAA Laboratories

Animal sera are used as the main source for growth factors, hormones, and other cell-stimulating components. Blood is collected from healthy animals, centrifuged, and tested for endotoxin and hemoglobin levels before processing and further testing. Fetal bovine serum has been tested for viruses and microorganisms. It supports most cell lines, acts as a growth-promoting additive, and acts as a stabilizer in diagnostic assays. It can also be used to surface coat culture vessels and inactivate trypsin. Fetal bovine serum GOLD is completely defined, but is not a synthetic product, and contains no additives from other sera. GOLD serum is chromatographically purified and fractionated, then the individual constituents are recombined in a defined composition, eliminating batch-to-batch variation. It is also distinguished by a very low content of IgG antibodies. Organic fetal bovine serum is collected from antibiotic-free animals that have been fed organic greens. ES cell tested serum supports the growth of undifferentiated ES cells and has low nonspecific stimulation. It is ideal for the morphology of stem cell colonies and for elevated expression of the stem cell marker phosphatase. Pharma grade fetal bovine serum receives the most intensive testing according to the latest FDA and Ph. Eur. guidelines. Pharma grade serum offers the highest levels of safety, especially regarding possible virus contamination. Heat inactivated serum has been heated to inactivate the complement system, antibodies, and other active enzymes. Dialyzed serum has a reduced content of hormones and molecules with a molecular weight of \<10kDa, such as nucleotides and amino acids. Charcoal stripped fetal bovine serum has a strongly reduced hormone concentration with minimized batch-to-batch variation. The IgG content of IgG stripped fetal bovine serum has been reduced by HCI chromatography to \<5µg/mL, ensuring unimpaired growth promotion. IgG stripped serum is ideal for hybridoma cell culture and the production of monoclonal antibodies. USDA approved serum is manufactured from raw materials sourced from Central American countries such as Mexico and Panama. “Various” origin indicates sera that has been manufactured from raw materials sourced from Australia, Canada, USA, or Central American countries. All sera products are sterile, filtered, and packaged in unbreakable, gamma-irradiated PET bottles. Production facilities comply with cGMP guidelines and are registered with the FDA and EDQM. Fetal bovine serum receives additional testing according to 9CFR and EP regulations. Products are fully traceable and records are available upon request.

Agarose I™

All-Purpose, High-Purity Agarose Exceptional Band Resolution and Clarity Nuclease- and Protease-free A standard melting/gelling agarose, suitable for routine nucleic acid analytical/preparative applications. It has a low EEO for shorter electrophoretic runs without compromising resolution. Excellent for blotting techniques and general manipulations.

Fluorescent Next Gel® Polyacrylamide Electrophoresis

March 14, 2012