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Welcome to the Cadieux Lab


Dr. Peter Cadieux, PhD
Assistant Professor

Office: 519 646-6100 ext 61093
Lab: 519 646-6100 ext 65203
Lab is F0-102 LHRI

Email: pcadieux@uwo.ca

Our laboratory focuses mainly on bacterial infections in the urinary and urogenital tracts, incorporating in vitro methods, animal models and clinical samples to study their development and hopefully find ways to improve their prevention and treatment.  Specifically, we are studying: 1) Novel urinary tract devices coated with anti-fouling compounds and/or impregnated with antimicrobials for the prevention of device-related urinary tract infections; 2) The utility of probiotics in preventing and treating female urogenital tract infections and kidney stones; 3) The potential link between infections and certain autoimmune disorders; 4) The development of diagnostic tools to more quickly and accurately identify urinary tract infections in the clinic.

Recent Publications:

Cadieux PA, Chew BH, Nott L, Seney S, Goneau L, Wignall G, Elwood CN, Denstedt JD. 2009. The use of triclosan-eluting ureteral stents in long-term stented patients. Journal of Endourology (in press)

Pechey A, Elwood CN, Wignall GR, Dalsin JL, Lee BP, Vanjecek M, Welch I, Ko R, Razvi H, Cadieux PA. 2009. Anti-adhesive coating improves infection clearance in a rabbit model of device-associated UPEC cystitis. Journal of Urology (in press)

Denstedt JD, Cadieux PA. 2009. Eliminating biofilm from ureteral stents; the holy grail. Curr Opin Urol. 19:205-210.

Wignall GR, Goneau LW, Chew BH, Denstedt JD, Cadieux PA. 2008. The Effects of Triclosan on Uropathogen Susceptibility to Clinically-Relevant Antibiotics.  J Endourol. 22(10):2349-2356.

Ko R, Cadieux PA, Dalsin JL, Lee BP, Elwood CN, Razvi H. 2008. Novel Uropathogen-Resistant Coatings Inspired by Marine Mussels. J. Endourol 22(6):1153-1160.

Cadieux PA, Wind A, Sommer P, Schaefer L, Crowley K, Britton RA, Reid G. 2008. Urogenital probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14 does not produce the antimicrobial compound reuterin. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 74(15): 4645-4649.

Elwood CN, Chew BH, Mifflin S, Jass J, Denstedt JD, Cadieux PA. 2007. Triclosan Inhibits Uropathogenic Escherichia coli-Stimulated TNF-α Secretion in T24 Bladder Cells In Vitro. J. Endourol. 21(10):1217-1222.



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