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Student Thesis Title  Supervisor Date
Abbas, Ali Transcriptional regulation of peptidylarginine deiminase type IV: implications for rheumatoid arthritis Dr. DeKoter 2014
Ablack, Jailal Nicholas George A Novel Assembly Defective VSV Based Gene-Expression Vector Dr. C.Y. Kang 2005
Ablack, Jailal Nicholas George Transactivation by human Adenovirus Early Region 1A-Conserved Region Three Dr. Joseph Mymryk  
Adeyanju, Kaothar O. The HIV-1 Tat Protein and Adverse Drug Reactions: A model System Utilizing Jurkat T Cells and Sulphamethoxazole-hydroxylamine Dr. Greg Dekaban
Dr. Michael Rieder
Amer, Amal Functional Characterization of the WecA Protein Dr. Miguel Valvano 2002
Anantha, Ram Analysis of Invariant Natural Killer T Cells in Intra-Abdominal Sepsis Dr. Jonh McCormink
Dr. Mansour Haeryfar
Anderson, Colin Charles Antibody Production and Its Dysregulation in Autoimmunity Dr. Nicholas Sinclair 1994
Arp, Jacqueline HTLV-I Vaccine Design and Rat Challenge Model Dr. Greg Dekaban 1997
Arsic, Benjamin Staphylococcus aureus response to long chain antimicrobial fatty acids Dr. Martin McGavin 2012
Arulsundaram, Vishnuka Alteration of Transcription by the HAdV-2 E1A 55R Protein Dr. Joseph Mymryk 2006
Asfar, Sora Biochemical Basis for Induction of Tolerance by CD45RB mAb Dr. A.I. Lazarovits
Dr. Joaquin Madrenas
Atkinson, Michael John Induction of autoantibodies in mice by a naturally occurring polyclonal B-cell activator Dr. Kim Singhal 1984
Au, Bryan Tracking Lentivirus-Transduced Dendritic Cells Dr. Greg Dekaban 2010
Aung, Tin Echo Virus Haemagglutination Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1968
Austin, John William Structural and Chemical Characterization of the S-Layer of Lampropedia hyalina Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1989
Avvakumov, Nikita Cellular Functions of HAdV E1A and HPV E7 Dr. Joseph Mymryk 2005
Azu, Ekenedelichukwu Elucidating the Signalling Pathway of Mer Tyrosine Kinase Receptor in Efferocytosis Dr. Bryan Heit 2014
Bai, Thomas Suk Choon Structure-Function Mutational Analysis of the Gentamicin Resistance Determinant of Gram-Negative Bacilli Dr. Hanna Bialkowska-Hobrzanska 1991
Bakerspigel, Alexander Observations on the Structure and Manner of Division of the Nuclei in the Vegetative Cells of Fungi Dr. C.F. Robinow 1958
Ball, Frederick Richard Studies on an Early Physical Change in L-M Cells Induced by Infection with Vaccinia Virus Dr. E.L. Medzon 1974
Barlic, Jana β-Arrestin Regulated CXCR1 Internalization and Signaling Dr. David Kelvin 2001
Bayley, Douglas Philip The S-Layer of M. marisnigri Dr. Susan Koval 1991
Beasley, Federico C. Serum iron uptake and virulence in Staphylococcus aureus Dr. David Heinrichs 2011
Beaurepaire, Cécile Elisabeth Replication and Transcription in B.burgdorferi Dr. George Chaconas 2006
Behrend, Elke Ingeborg Osteopontin: Gene Structure and Function in Malignancy Dr. Ann Chambers 1996
Bell, G.R. Bacteriological & Biochemical Studies on the Decomposition of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid Dr. C.L. Hanney 1955
Bellemore, Stacey The role of IL-22 produced by Th17 cells in type 1 diabetes Dr. Bhagirath Singh 2013
Beushausen, Sven A. Differentiation and Other Factors Influencing the Replication of Murine Hepatitis Viruses in Cells from the Rat Central Nervous System Dr. Samuel Dales 1986
Beveridge, Terrance J. Structure of the Macromolecular Superficial Wall Layers of Spirillum Species Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1974
Bhardwaj, Gaurav Regulation of Primitive Human Blood Cells by SHH Dr. Mickie Bhatia 2001
Bloomberg,Rose Maureen Characterization of the Toxins of C. difficile Dr. Ted Medzon
Dr. J.L. Whitby
Blumenfeld-Shapiro,Hartley Optimizing Glycolipids for the Treatment of Type I Diabetes Dr. Terry Delovitch 2009
Bocksch, Leila Analysis of a Novel Anti-atherosclerotic Peptide, EP1.B Dr. Alexandra Lucas 2001
Boivin, Michelle Frances Genetic Nature of Some Surface-array Varying Species of Aquaspirillum Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1986
Bosinger, Steven Edward Innate Host Responses to in vivo HIV and SIV Infection Dr. David Kelvin 2007
Bourgeois, Renée Psychrophilism of Listeria monocytogenes Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1970
Bowles, Leslie John Telomerase as a Diagnostic Tool in Urologic Tumors Dr. Hanna Bialkowska-Hobrzanska 2002
Bradbury, Susan Mary Reagins in Ascaris-infected Rats Dr. Gill Strejan 1973
Brock, Frances Marguerite Ultrastructure and ATPase Nature of Polar Membrane in Campylobacter jejuni Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1987
Brooke, Joanna Susan Characterization of GMHA in Core LPS Biosynthesis in E. coli Dr. Miguel Valvano 1996
Brooke, Joanna Susan A Chlorobium sp. With Spinae Dr. Susan Koval
Dr. Terry Beveridge
Brooks, Brian William A Taxonomic Studies of the Pink Micrococci Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1978
Beunsuceso, Ryan Generation of Long-lives Dendritic Cells for a Dendritic cell-based Therepeutic HIV vaccine Dr. Greg Dekaban 2011
Bulman, Dennis Edward Genetic Susceptibility to Multiple Sclerosis Dr. George Ebers 1986
Burleigh, Barbara Anne Membrane Proteins of Trypanosoma vivax  Dr. Michael Clarke 1992
Cadieux, Peter Andrew The Vaginal Microbiota and Effects of Lactobacillus on UPEC Dr. Gregor Reid 2006
Cadieux, Peter Andrew Studies of the PSP94 Function in a Rat Model of Prostate Cancer Dr. Michael Clarke 2000
Cairns, Ewa Anti-DNA Autoantibody Responses of Normal Human Origin Dr. David Bell 1987
Cameron,Cheryl Maureen Ainslie Poxvirus Immunomodulatory Virulence Factors Dr. Grant McFadden 2005
Cameron, Mark James Cytokine-and Costimulation-Mediated Therapy of Diabetes Dr. Terry Delovitch 2000
Carruthers,Cynthia Jeanne Louise Human Anti-Sm/RNP Autoantibodies Dr. David Bell 1990
Carruthers,Vern B. Structure/Function Studies of Trypanosome Variant Surface Glycoproteins Dr. Michael Clarke 1990
Castner, Ronald Paul Response of Neural Cells to Virus Infection Dr. Vincent Morris 1981
Chadwick, Kristin Dawn SMAD7 and Human Stem Cell Regulation Dr. Mickie Bhatia 2007
Chahal, Jaspreet Towards Identification of TTSS-Like Proteins in H.pylori Dr. Carole Creuzenet 2008
Chan, Bill W.K. Moudulation of the Metastatic Phenotype of KHT Fibrosarcoma Cells by Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Dr. John Harris 1992
Chan, Penelope Louise Effects of Cortisone Treatment and ɣ-Irradiation on Immunological Capacity Dr. Nicholas Sinclair 1970
Chan, Penelope Louise Studies on the Regulation of the Immune Response: Importance of the Fc Portion of Antibody and Thymus-derived Cells Dr. Nicholas Sinclair 1972
Chan, Voon Loong Intergenic Suppressors of T4 Amber Polynucleotide Ligase Mutation and Polynucleotide Kinase Mutants Dr. Kaney Ebisuzaki 1971
Chan, Gordon PKCζ Expression In T Lymphocytes Dr. Atsuo Ochi 1996
Chanyi, Ryan Cell biology of the Entry of Bdellovibrio and like organisms Dr. Susan Koval 2014
Charalambopoulos, John The Influence of p53 on Radioresponse in U87MG Glioma Cells Dr. Gregory Cairncross 2002
Charles, Matthew L. FcgammaRIIBI Inhibition of B Cell Signaling Outside Lipid Rafts Dr. Atsuo Ochi 2002
Cheley, Stephen Benet Murine hepatitis virus (MHV) replication : a molecular study Dr. Bob Anderson 1984
Cheung, Johnson Investigating staphyloferrin B biosynthesis in Staphylococcus aureus Dr. David Heinrichs 2011
Chou, Henry Characterization of Regulatory TH2-like Cells From an NOD Mouse Dr. Terry Delovitch 1997
Christie, Darah Characterization of SLP-2 function in T lymphocytes Dr. Joaquin Madrenas 2012
Christjanson, Lisa Jennifer Transcriptional Regulatory Elements in the IL-8RB Promoter Dr. David Kelvin 1996
Chung, Catherine Heme Acquisition in S. aureus Dr. David Heinrichs 2010
Clarke, Chelsea NLPC/P60 enzymes required for cell wall remodeling in Burkholderia cenocepacia Dr. Miguel Valvano 2011
Cohen, Michael The Hunt for Mitochondrially-Localized CMV Proteins Dr. Laura Hertel
Dr. Joseph Mymryk
Colasanti, Joseph Molecular and Genetic Analysis of the ΦX174 A* Gene and the Escherichia coli Rep Gene Dr. David Denhardt 1986
Colby, William David Immunological Tolerance of the IgE System Dr. Gill Strejan 1980
Collins, Sandra Anne Properties of a Dialyzable Ascaris Allergen Dr. Gill Strejan 1978
Coleman, Macon Elucidating the role of cathepsin B in the lifecycle of influenza A virus Dr. Sung Kim 2013
Connor, Alison Margaret Regulation of MRP/PLF Gene Expression Dr. David Denhardt 1989
Cooper, John D.E. Characterization of HtsA, The Ferric-Staphyloferrin A-Binding Protein in Staphylococcus aureus Dr. David Heinrichs 2011
Coulton, James William Cell Envelope Associations of Bacterial Flagella Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1977
Counsell, Timothy John Taxonomic Markers of the Genus Deinococcus Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1986
Couroux, Michele Jane Analysis of an Unusual uvsX Mutant of T4 Dr. Kaney Ebisuzaki 1989
Crackower, Sydney Harold Bernard Aspects of Mitosis in Three Fungi Part 1 & Part 2 Dr. C.F. Robinow 1969
Crawford, John Patrick Michael HSV-2 Encephalitis in the Neonatal Rat Dr. Dean H. Percy 1978
Crothers, Susan Fearn Interaction of Bdellovibrio and Host Bacteria Dr. J. Robinson 1970
Czachor, Jason Toxic Milk Mouse as a Model for Wilson's Disease and Copper Homeostatsis Dr. James Koropatnick 1997
Dale, Suzanne Elaine Siderophore Biosynthesis and Transport in S.aureus Dr. David Heinrichs 2005
Darlington, Peter Compartmentalization and Regulation of CTLA-4 Function of T Cells Dr. Joaquin Madrenas 2004
Dawson, Kathryn Heather Identification of a Nuecleosomal DNA-binding Receptor Found on Murine B Lymphocytes Dr. David Bell 1992
De Lima, Rachel CD4+ T Cell Epitopes of IGRP Dr. Bhagirath Singh 2006
Debreceni, Nancy Louise A T4 Phage-induced DNA-dependent ATPase Dr. K. Ebisuzaki 1970
Dekoter,Rodney Peter Purification of a Myelosuppressive Factor from BM Dr. Kim Singhal 1996
Demendi,Melinda Acetyltransferase and Dehydratase from Campylobacter jejuni Dr. Carole Creuzenet 2008
Demoor,Janice Marie Suppression of an anti-DNA response by thymocytes and T cells in normal and autoimmune mice Dr. David Bell 1984
Denomme, Gregory Andrew Human Monoclonal Antiplatelet Autoantibodies Dr. David Bell 1992
DeVries, Mark Edward The Dynamics of Chemokine Receptor Evolution Dr. David Kelvin 2004
Di Cresce, Christine siRNA Targeting of Thymidylate Synthase, Thymidine Kinase 1 and Thymidine Kinase 2 as an Anticancer Therapy: A Combinatorial RNAi Approach Dr. Koropatnick 2014
Dinnen, Richard Donald An Anticancer Drug-sensitive Clone: Links to Differentiation Dr. Kaney Ebisuzaki 1997
Dixon, Jennifer Lynn Development of an scFv Antibody Targeted Supeantigen Dr. John McCormick 2006
Drakes, Maureen Loleane Effects of gold and penicillamine on the production and activity of human interleukin-1 Dr. Sara Galsworthy
Dr. Manford Harth
Drury, Penny Janet Ab-Inhibiting Activity of Bone Marrow Cells Dr. Kim Singhal 1973
Duffy, Kathleen Rose Langley The Effect of BLF  on Flu-Specific CD8+ T Cells Dr. Mansour Haeryfar 2008
Duong, Trang Thi Modulation of Eae by Cytokine and Anti-Cytokine Antibodies Dr. Gill Strejan 1995
Duwe, Axel Ken Regulation of the Immune Response by Bone Marrow Cells Dr. Kim Singhal 1977
Dykxhoorn, Derek Michael Autogenous Translational Regulation of RPOB Expression Dr. Tom Linn 1998
El Halfawy   Dr. Miguel Valvano 2014
Elias, Isaac Generation of hr SLP-2 for Structural Studies Dr. Joaquin Madrenas 2010
Elmes, Mary Lynn A Comparison of the membranes of Bacillus megaterium spores and cells Dr. P.C. Fitz-James 1983
Elwood,Chelsea Nicole Intercellular Communication in E. coli and L. reuteri Dr. Jana Jass 2006
Enos, Megan The Effect of Nutrition on the Microbiome in Pregnant Women and the Use of Micronutrient Supplemented Probiotic Yogurt to Improve Outcomes Dr. Gregor Reid 2014
Essani,Abdul Karim Biochemical and Genetic Analyses of Vaccinia Virus Temperature Sensitive Mutants Defective in Envelope Self-Assembly Dr. Samuel Dales 1982
Essani,Naeem Akhtar Modulation of the IgE Response by DNP-Coupled Bordetella pertussis Dr. Gill Strejan 1983
Ettinger, Grace Probiotic therapy for heart failure: Investigating the potential anti-hypertrophic properties of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 Dr. Gregor Reid 2014
Fackrell Hugh B. A Bacteriolytic Enzyme from B. bacteriovorus Dr. John Robinson 1970
Fairhead,Todd The Role of RIP2 in Vascularized Allograft Rejection Dr. Joaquin Madrenas 2008
Faught, James William Vaccinia Virus-LM Cell Interaction Dr. E.L. Medzon 1974
Fehlner-Gardiner,Christine Celeste β1 Integrin Expression During Murine Mast Cell Development Dr. Bosco Chan 1999
Ferguson, Carolyn Anne Effects of Platinum on Cell Division Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1977
Fernandez, Teresa Role of IL-10 in the Immune Response to Staphylococcus Aureus Nasal Carriage Dr. Joaquin Madrenas 2012
Fewster,Dianne Regulation of monocytopoiesis in listeria-resistant and listeria-susceptible mice by an extract from Listeria monocytogenes Dr. Alex Vardanis 1985
Finkelman,Malcolm Arthur Jeffery Studies on the Biosynthesis of Polyglucosides of Aureobasidium pullulans Dr. Jim Zajic 1982
Fitz-James, Philip C. The Phosphorus Fractions of Resting and Germinating Bacterial Spores Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1953
Flannagan,Ronald Scott Characterization of B. cenocepacia Stress Response Genes Dr. Miguel Valvano 2007
Flannagan,Ronald Scott Motility and Chemotaxis in Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus 109J Dr. Susan Koval 2003
Fong,Wai Gin Natural Suppressor Cells in Hematopoiesis Dr. Kim Singhal 1994
Fonseca, Greg A Tale of Two Activities: Human adenovirus E1A binds hBre1 Dr. Joe Mymryk 2013
Ford,Carol Marion Expression of HTLV-1 Envelope Proteins Dr. Greg Dekaban 1991
Ford,David Charles Regulation of T Cell Activation by BDSF Dr. Kim Singhal 1992
Ford, Rachel The characterization of novel protein glycosylation in Helicobacter pylori Dr. Carole Creuzenet 2011
Fraser,Jennifer Emmalyn Metallothionein Expression in Differentiating Mouse Embryocarcinoma Cells Dr. James Koropatnick 1994
Frost,Sean Charles Lucas In Vitro Cytokine Regulation by a Novel BM Derived Factor Dr. Kim Singhal 1996
Furlong, Sarah Structure-function analysis of PNPT and PHPT enzymes Dr. Miguel Valvano 2013
Gagliardi,Jason Molecular Analysis of SUMO-1 Dependent Regulation of TDG Dr. Marc Tini 2006
Ganapathy,Roopa The Genetic Susceptibility to Migraine with Aura Dr. George Ebers 2000
Gaspar,Joe Albert The Role of the TOL System in the Surface Expression of O7-LPS Dr. Miguel Valvano 1997
Gelda, Arvind Kumar Calculation of Sterilization Dose for Ionizing Radiation Dr. J. L. Whitby 1979
Gnanasuntharam, Piraveina Evaluating the Co-commensal Lifestyles of S. aureus and S. epidermidis Dr. Martin McGavin 2013
Goneau, Lee Sub-Inhibitory Antibiotics Enhance Virulence, Persistence, and Pathogenesis of Uropathogens Dr. Gregor Reid 2014
González,Tamara Elizabeth Marie Immunosuppression by Extracorporeal Photopheresis Dr. Anthony Jevnikar 2005
Gordon,James David Vaccinia Virus Envelope Antigen Dr. Samuel Dales 1992
Gow, John A. Staphylococcal Beta Haemolysins Dr. John. Robinson 1968
Grattan,Marsha Ann Regulation and Expression of Chimeric Genes in Response to TAT and Rev Gene Products of HIV-1 Dr. Anthony Ridgway 1992
Gray,Douglas Andrew MMTV in Tumour Induction and Progression Dr. Vincent Morris 1986
Gruca, Marek The role of the transcription factor PU.1 in regulation of self-renewal in acute myeloid leukemia Dr. Rodney DeKoter 2011
Habash,Marc Bishara Prevention of Bacterial Colonization of Biomaterials Dr. Gregor Reid 1998
Hagen,Michael IgE Regulation by DNP-BP iNDUCED IFN-Gamma Dr. Gill Strejan 1989
Haggerty,Emily Renee Characterization of Und-P Binding to E.coli WecA Dr. Miguel Valvano 2008
Hales,Brigette Iron-Regulated Genes in S. aureus Dr. David Heinrichs 2004
Hall, Elizabeth Anne A Study of the Action of Phagolessin A58 Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1952
Hall,Jennifer Rejeanne Expression Studies for Cu, Zn SOD1 Dr. Craig Strathdee 1998
Ham, Boram Cathepsin B-Mediated Autolysosome Efflux and Cell Death Dr. Sung Kim 2010
Han, Chae Young Cellular Adaptation of Macrophages to Anthrax Lethal Toxin-Induced Pyroptosis via Epigenetic Mechanisms Dr. Sung Kim 2013
Haq,Farzana The Role of Metallothionein in Glucocorticoid Hormone Responsiveness Dr. James Koropatnick 2003
Harry, Tekena Obu Regulation of Expression and Identification of a Vaccinia Virus Specific cell Surface Antigen Dr. E. L. Medzon 1976
Hashimoto,Lara Lynne T Cell Receptor and IG Polymorphisms in MS Dr. George Ebers 1992
Hattlmann, Clayton Restriction of HIV-1 replication by unique Trim22 isoforms Dr. Setphen Barr 2012
Hayglass,Kent Taylor Induction of Antigen-Specific Isotype-Selective Suppression of IgE Responses with Glutaraldehyde-Polymerized Ovalbumin Dr. Gill Strejan 1983
Hayworth, Jacqueline Activation and manipulation of invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells by bacterial superantigens Dr. Carole Creuzenet 2011
Heagy, Fred C. Studies on Escherichia coli and Bacteriophage T2 Dr. R.G.E. Murray
Dr. R.J. Rossiter
Heaton,Mary Anne Properties of MGBG Resistant CHO Cells Dr. Wayne Flintoff 1987
Heinemann Gijzen,Christine Lactobacilli Biosurfactants Dr. Gregor Reid 1999
Hendry, Anne Teresa Studies on the Morphology and Growth Patterns of Candida albicans Dr. A. Bakerspigel 1971
Herbert,Jonathan Nicholas William Group A Streptococcal Phage Virulence Dr. John McCormick 2007
Hill,Jonathan Allan The Rheumatoid Arthritis Shared Epitope Dr. Ewa Cairns 2006
Hilton,Anne Elizabeth Translational Control in MHV Infection Dr. Bob Anderson 1986
Hiscott, John Beverly Integration of Polyoma Virus Specific Deoxyribonucleic Acid During the Productive Infection Dr. W.P. Cheevers 1975
Hnatiuk,Shawna Lynne A Study of the Myxoma Virus M-T4 Protein Dr. Grant McFadden 1999
Ho,Nathan Koul-Lin 6-deoxy-heptoses:  Biosynthesis and Role in Virulence Dr. Carole Creuzenet 2007
Ho,Wai Chi Regulation of β1 Integrin-Medicated Cell Movement Dr. Bosco Chan 2002
Hogan,Aileen Frances Spontaneous Deletions in MVM Dr. Emmanuel Faust 1985
Holmes,Kevin D. The Role of NMDA Receptor C-terminal Domains Dr. Greg Dekaban 2003
Hopf, Patrick Protein Glycosylation in H. pylori Dr. Carole Creuzenet 2010
Hosein,Zobeeda Zanimun Myelin Lipids in EAE Dr. Gill Strejan 1985
Hosiawa,Karolina IL-12 and CD80/CD86 Regulation of Transplantation Rejection Dr. David Kelvin 2005
Hota-Mitchell,Sheela Molecular Vaccines Against Schistosomiasis Dr. Greg Dekaban 1997
Huang, Jay C.C. Parasitization of Spirillum by Bdellovibrio Dr. John Robinson 1969
Hughes,Janice Lorraine rDNA and DHFR Gene Amplification Dr. Wayne Flintoff 1986
Hung,Katherine Analysis of the HPV 16 E7-CR3 Dimer Dr. Joseph Mymryk 2009
Hunt,Tracey Ann In vivo Survival Genes of Burkholderia cenocepacia K56-2 Dr. Miguel Valvano 2003
Hussain, Rabia Purification of Ascaris Allergen Dr. Gill Strejan 1973
Huszarik,Katrina Lynn Role of Reg2 in Beta Cell Regeneration Following Adjuvant Therapy Dr. Bhagirath Singh 2009
Hynes,Daniel William T6SS of Burkholderia cenocepacia Dr. Miguel Valvano 2009
Ichim,Thomas Emanuel Inhibition of Prostate Cancer Cells by Reptimed Dr. Kim Singhal 2002
Insell,James Peter Studies on the structure and origin of the parasporal inclusion of sporulating bacilli Dr. P.C. Fitz-James 1983
Jackson,Dennis Paul Pathogenicity/Growth Locus in P. syringae PV. Tomato Dr. Vincent Morris 1993
James, Kristofer Interaction of the Adenovirus E1A protein with the Human DREF transcription factor Dr. Joseph Mymryk 2013
Jarvis-Metcalfe,Amber Lynn CLSM of X. campestris PV. Vesicatoria Infection of Tomato Dr. Diane Cupples 2007
Jay,Karen Emily BMP-4 and Primitive Human Hematopoietic Cell Fate Dr. Mickie Bhatia 2004
Jevnikar, Anthony Michael Cells Involved in Human Renal Allografts Dr. Nicholas Sinclair 1977
Jones, Stephen Gregory Regulation of a CMIR by Suppressor Cells Dr. Nicholas Sinclair 1977
Kalicharran,Kishna Kumar Initiation of Replication of Coronavirus in the CNS Dr. Samuel Dales 1996
Kapasi,Kubra Cytomegalovirus-mediated Immunosuppression Dr. George Rice 1987
Kasper,Katherine Jessica Superantigen MHC Class II Binding Sites Dr. John McCormick 2007
Kasper,Katherine Jessica Streptoccal Superantigens Promote Colonization Dr. John McCormick 2012
Keet,Mary IgG VH CDR3 Regions in SLE and Normal Immune Repertoires Dr. Ewa Cairns 1996
Kelly, Jenna Evolutionary and in silico analysis of the antiviral TRIM22 gene Dr. Stephen Barr 2014
Kennette, Wendy Anne Metallothionein and Resistance to Toxicity Dr. James Koropatnick 2000
Kerr, Catherine Development of a Novel Rivet System Dr. John McCormick
Dr. David Heinrichs
Khan, Rashid Hussain Some Factors Controlling Immunological Memory of the IgM Type Dr. Nicholas Sinclair 1972
Khan, Karim Andres Ali PI-9 Protects Tubular Epithelial Cell From GrB Injury Dr. Anthony Jevnikar
Dr. Bhagirath Singh
Khandaker, Masud Immunoregulation of Leukocyte Receptor Expression Dr. Kim Singhal 1998
Kichler, Sari Secretion and Activity of a Novel H. pylori Protein, HcpE Dr. Carole Cruezenet 2010
Kim, Gyoung Nyoun Molecular Mechanism of Homologous Viral Interference Dr. C. Y. Kang 2002
Kim, Sumee Miranda Expression of a RNMDA R1 CDNA in Mammalian Cell Lines   1996
Kim, A Gene Therapy Approach for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Dr. Greg Dekaban 1997
Kinkartz, Jason Daniel Immune Responses to Chimeric Gag-VLPs Expressed by rAd5 Dr. C. Y. Kang 2004
Kirchhof, Mark Gagda SLP-2 Function in T Cell Activation Dr. Joaquin Madrenas 2009
Kist, Marion Leah Regular Surface Array of Aquaspirillum serpens Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1986
Knox, Sandra Lynn Purification of B Subunit and Regulation of RNA Pol In Vitro Dr. Tom Linn 2002
Kooi, Cora Diana Homology Studies of MHV RNA Dr. Vincent Morris 1986
Koyama, Tara Elizabeth Effects of Probiotics on Th2 Immune Disorders Dr. Gregor Reid 2008
Krawetz, Michael David Immunorelevant GAD Peptide Responses in the NOD Mouse Dr. Bhagirath Singh 2000
Kuflu, Kuflom Mahari Development of a Diagnostic DNA Probe for X.C. Vesicatoria Dr. Diane Cuppels 1996
Kukay, Kimberly Marie Multiple Sclerosis Susceptability Loci Dr. George Ebers 1995
Lahiry, Piya Interplay of G4C Operon and O-antigen Synthesis in E. coli Dr. Miguel Valvano 2006
Lam, Simon Reporters to Monitor UPEC, Urothelial Cells and Lactobacillus Dr. Jana Jass 2008
Lamain, Andy Richard Heterogeneity among Tuberculosis Dr. E.L. Medzon 1969
Lamothe, Julie Strategy Used by Bcc Bacteria to Survive in Phagocytes Dr. Miguel Valvano 2007
Lamothe, Stephanie Pegylation as a novel tool to investigate the topology of E. coli wecA, a membrane enzyme involved in lipopolysaccharide O antigen initiation Dr. Miguel Valvano 2013
Lange, Dirk Capsular Components Play a Role in Campylobacter jejuni Virulence Dr. Carole Creuzenet 2008
Lanys, Shane Gary L.hyalina Cell Envelope Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1973
Lau, Wai Man Paulina Metallothionein and Cellular Resistance to Cisplatinum Dr. James Koropatnick 1993
Laughton, Jennifer Maureen Cell-Cell Communication Between L.reuteri and S.aureus Dr. John McCormick, Dr. David Heinrichs 2005
Lee, Anna Chiu Yung Fc-Receptor on Mouse Splenic Cell Dr. Nicholas Sinclair 1977
Lees, Rosemary Kathryn T Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity In Vitro Sr. H.R. MacDonald 1977
Lefebre, Matthew D Oxidative Defense Enzymes of Burkholderia cenocepacia Dr. Miguel Valvano 2004
Lehrer, Jason Topological Mapping of the E.coli WecA Protein Dr. Miguel Valvano 2005
Lemmon, Holly Rebecca Modulatory Effects of Ginseng Extracts on Human Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses Dr. Joaquin Madrenas 2012
Leung,Grace Yue Kwan Analysis of Ig H Enhancer Activity Dr. Anthony Ridgway 1988
Lister,Erin Leigh Expression of HCV Structural Proteins Using a VSV Minigenome Dr. Chil Yong Kang 2005
Livingston,Elizabeth Grace The DHFR Locus in CHO Cells Dr. Wayne Flintoff 1983
Loeb, Lazarus Jacob A Study of Antibiotics Produced by Micrococci Dr. R.G.E. Murray 1949
Loutet,Slade Andrew Antimicrobial Peptide Resistence of Burkholderia cenocepacia Dr. Miguel Valvano 2010
Low, Joseph Michael CML Responses Suppressed by Anti-Hapten Ab Dr. Nicholas Sinclair 1981
Lum-Tai, Ryan The study of sigma factors σ5816 and σ7615 in B. cereus Dr. Tom Linn 2011
Ly, Dalam Mechanisms of iNKT Cell Protection Against Type 1 Diabetes Dr. Terry Delovitch 2008
Lycett-Lambert, Karly Transcriptional Profiling of Myeloid Dendritic Cells Generated in vitro Dr. Laura Hertel 2010
Macinnes,Janet Isabel Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus: I as a Marker for Tumor Cell Populations and II Mapping of Endogenous Loci Dr. Vincent Morris 1982
MacPhee, Roderick Nature ot TSST-1 production by Staphylococcus aureus in aberrant vaginal conditions Dr. Gregor Reid 2011
Mahmoud,Khaled Kamal Eldin Bdellovibrio:  Fish Type IV Pili and Predation Dr. Susan Koval 2010
Mahmoudi,Mahmoud Structural Basis for Human Anti-DNA Antibody Specificity Dr. David Bell, Dr. Ewa Cairns 1994
Mahoney,Meghan Patricia Role of Metallothionein in Primary Mouse Monocyte Activation Dr. Koropatnick 2003
Maloney, Kendra E. The Role mgtC in the Pathogenesis of B. cenocepacia Dr. Miguel Valvano 2008
Mancini, Catherine Transferable Drug Resistance From B. fragilis Dr. Ron Bheme 1978
Mannik,Lisa GPI-Anchored Proteins in iNKT Cell Activation Dr. Mansour Haeryfar 2009
Marleau,Annette Maria Dendritic Cells in NOD Mice Dr. Bhagirath Singh 2004
Marshall,Kristen Identification of a Non-conventional NLS within hAd E1A Dr. Joe Mymryk 2007
Matheson,Brenton James Effects of VIF Deletion on the Replication of HIV-1 Dr. C.Y. Kang 1997
Martins, Andrew The Role of Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor in the Intestinal Immune System and the Response to Probiotics Dr. Sung Kim 2011
Mattar,Pierre Adel Constructs Interfering with N-Menthyl-D-Aspartate Receptors Dr. Greg Dekaban 2003
Mawhinney,Leah Anne Macrophage Populations in the Injured Spinal Cord Dr. Greg Dekaban 2004
McArthur,Fiona Structure-Function of Enzymes of ADP-Heptose Biosynthesis Dr. Miguel Valvano 2005
McCluskey,Morgan Danielle Characterization and Utility of Regulatable Promoters in S. aureus Dr. David Heinrichs 2004
McCully, Edith Kathleen Ultrastructural Studies of Mitosis in Fungi Dr. C.F. Robinow 1973
McCully,Michelle Cellular and Molecular Linkers of Innate and Adaptive Immunity Dr. Joaquin Madrenas 2008
McGarry,Megan Anne Functional Analysis of the Escherichia coli Protein WaaL Dr. Miguel Valvano 2007
McGarry,Ronald Charles Immunosuppressive Role of Bone Marrow Dr. Kim Singhal 1981
McIvor,Dana L Altering Monocyte Responses via Viral Chemokine Modulation Dr. Alexandra Lucas 2008
McKillop,William Montgomery Intracellular Localization of the Beta2 Integrin CD11d Dr. Greg Dekaban 2008
McMullen,Christopher Genetic Diversity and Molecular Detection of C. destructans Dr. Katherine Dobinson 2000
McMyne,Patricia McKenzie Smith Relationships between Cell-mediated Immunity and IgE Antibody Production Dr. Gill Strejan 1980
Meagher,Thomas Craig IL-16 and CCL4 in the Development of T1D Dr. Terry Delovitch 2004
Melo,Christopher A RIVET-based System to Indentify Gene Expression in S. aureus Dr. David Heinrichs 2010
Merkx-Jacques,Alexandra Protein Glycosylation & Virulence of H.pylori & C. jejuni Dr. Carole Creuzenet 2007
Merkx-Jacques,Alexandra Interaction of E. coli RNA Pol β' Subunit with rpoB mRNA Dr. Tom Linn 2001
Michalski,Chad James Development of a Novel Prime-Boost Vaccine Against HIV/AIDS Dr. CY. Kang 2007
Mikolajczak,Sebastian Alexander Isoforms of Human CD28 Dr. Atsuo Ochi 2005
Milazzo,Mark Francis Induction of Anti-DNA Antibodies Using DNA Dr. David Bell 1981
Miller, Matthew Critical stages in viral replication: Entry, gene regulation and egress Dr. Joseph Mymryk 2011
Millsap,Kevin William Genetic and Adhesion Properties of Lactobacillus Dr. Gregor Reid 1995
Mizzen,Lee Alan Host-cell Mediation of MHV Persistence Dr. Bob Anderson 1986
Mohib,Kanishka ID0 Contributes and Tubular Epithelial Cell Injury Dr. Anthony Jevnikar 2007
Monachese, Marc Sequesteration of lead, cadmium and arsenic by Lactobacillus species and detoxication potential Dr. Gregor Reid 2012
Moore,Joanna Terry Expression of Trypanosome VSGs on CHO Cells Dr. Michael Clarke 1990
Morley,Karen Laverne Anticancer Effects of Citrus Flavonoids, Tangeretin and Nobiletin Dr. Koropatnick 2007
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