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Recent Publications

1. Summers KL, Annette AM, Stephens TA, Mahon JL, Singh B. 2004. Dendritic cells and Immune regulation in the pathogenesis and prevention of Type 1 diabetes. Can. J. Diabetes 28: 20-29.

2. Young HY, Zucker P, Flavell RA, Jevnikar AM, Singh B. 2004. Characterization of the role of Major Histocompatibility Complex in type 1 diabetes recurrence after islet transplantation. Transplantation 78: 509-515.

3. Rajput A, Singh B. 2004 Gene expression profiling in type 1 diabetes prone NOD mice immunized with a disease protective autoantigenic peptide. J. Autoimmun. 23: 311-321.

4. Qin HY, Chaturvedi P, Singh, B. 2004. In vivo apoptosis of diabetogenic T cells in NOD mice by IFN-γ/TNF-α.  Int Immunol. 16:1723-1732.

5. Mukherjee R, Wagar DA , Stephens TA,  Lee-Chan E, Singh B. 2005. Identification of CD4+ T cell specific epitopes of islet-specific glucose-6-phosphatase catalytic subunit-related protein (IGRP) – a novel β cell auto antigen in type 1 diabetes. J. Immunol. (in press)

6. Qin HY, Mukherjee R, Lee-Chan E, Ewen C, Bleackley RC, Singh, B. 2006. A novel mechanism of regulatory T cell-mediated downregulation of autoimmunity.  Int Immunol. 18:1001-15.

7. Summers KL, Marleau AM, Mahon JL, McManus R, Hramiak I, Singh B. 2006. Reduced IFN-a secretion by blood dendritic cells in human diabetes. Clin Immunol 121:81-89.

8. Bocksch L, Rider BJ, Stephens T, Dai E, Liu L, Diao H, Viswanathan K, Munuswamy-Ramanujam G, Singh B, Lucas A. 2007. C-terminal apolipoprotein E-derived peptide, Ep1.B, displays anti-atherogenic activity. Atherosclerosis. 194: 116-124.

9. Marleau AM, Summers KL, Singh B. 2008. Differential contributions of APC subsets to T cell activation in non-obese diabetic mice. J Immunol. 180: 5235-5249.

10. Mukherjee R, Chaturvedi P, E. Lee-Chan E, B. Singh B. 2008. Exogenous CLIP Localizes into endocytic compartment ofcells upon internalization: Implications for antigen presentation by MHC class II molecules. Mol Immunol 45(2008) 2166-2176

11. Enayat Nikoopour, Jordan Ari Schwartz and Bhagirath Singh. 2008. Therapeutic Benefits of Regulating Inflammation in Autoimmunity. Inflammation & Allergy-Drug Targets, 2008, 7, 203-210

12. Tracey A. Stephens, Enayat Nikoopour, Beverly J. Rider, Matilde Leon-Ponte, Thu A. Chau, Sebastian Mikolajczak, Pratibha Chaturvedi, Edwin Lee-Chan, Richard A. Flavell, S.M. Mansour Haeryfar, Joaquin Madrenas, and Bhagirath Singh. 2008. Dendritic Cell Differentiation Induced By A Self-Peptide Derived From Apolipoprotein E. J Immunol. 180: 0000-0000 in press





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