Infection and Immunity Research Forum
Presented by the Graduate Students
The University of Western Ontario

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The Infection and Immunity Research Forum is an initiative organized by the graduate students of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Western University. Prominent scientists will be invited to present their research within the scope of infection and immunity.  This research forum will also provide graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with a platform to showcase their own research, by means of oral and poster presentations, as it pertains to the theme of infection and immunity. 

The objective of the Infection and Immunity Research Forum is to allow interaction between both graduate students and post-doctoral fellows and a world-renowned investigator in the field of infection and immunity. It is anticipated that this event will foster intellectually stimulating dialogue between participants, and will contribute to the rewarding academic experience at Western University. The forum will also provide participants with the unique opportunity to speak with outstanding scientists and colleagues, thus establishing a basis for future career opportunities and collaborations. Moreover, this endeavour will promote the scientific activities conducted at Western University to both the local scientific community and the scientific community at large.