Courses in Linguistics offered in 2014-15

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For course descriptions, please see the appropriate section of the Academic Calendar:


  • Anthropology 1027A Introduction to Linguistics
  • Anthropology 1027B Introduction to Linguistics
  • Linguistics 1028B Linguistics: Applications and Extensions


  • Anthropology 2245G Topics in Language and Culture
  • Anthropology 2247B Phonological Analysis
  • Anthropology 2248A Introduction to Syntax and Semantics
  • Anthropology 2250F Verbal Art, Performance and Speech Play
  • Classical Studies 2800A Greek and Latin Elements in English
  • Classical Studies 2800B Greek and Latin Elements in English
  • French 2805A General Linguistics in French: Sound Patterns
  • French 2806B General Linguistics in French: from Sound to Meaning
  • Linguistics 2244A Second Language Acquisition
  • Linguistics 2285G Research on Languages in Canada
  • Linguistics 2288B Introductory General Linguistics
  • Philosophy 2250 Introduction to Logic
  • Philosophy 2260F Introduction to Philosophy of Language
  • Psychology 2134A Psychology of Language
  • Psychology 2134B Psychology of Language (online)
  • Spanish 2214A Comparative Grammar of English and Spanish


  • Anthropology 3237A Field Techniques in Linguistics
  • Anthropology 3335G Historical Linguistics
  • English 3001 History of the English Language
  • English 3012 Old English Language and Literature
  • French 3810A Syntax in French
  • French 3830B Phonetics and Phonology in French
  • French 3870A History of the French Language
  • Linguistics 3390A Supervised Reading/Research in Linguistics
  • Linguistics 3390B Supervised Reading/Research in Linguistics
  • Philosophy 3201A Special Topics in Logical Theory
  • Psychology 3141G Language Development
  • Psychology 3142E Reading Ability and Disability
  • Psychology 3184F Research in Psycholinguistics
  • Spanish 3303B The Structure of Spanish
  • Spanish 3317B The Spanish Sentence
  • Spanish 3318A The Sounds of Spanish


  • Communication Sci & Disorders 4411A Introduction to Speech and Language Disorders
  • Communication Sci & Disorders 4439B Normal Language Acquisition
  • French 4040B Old French Language
  • French 4100F Supervised Senior Reading Course
  • French 4100G Supervised Senior Reading Course
  • French 4811G Advanced Syntax in French
  • French 4881F Advanced Linguistics in French
  • Linguistics 4490F Advanced Supervised Reading/Research in Linguistics
  • Linguistics 4490G Advanced Supervised Reading/Research in Linguistics
  • Philosophy 4210G Problems in Philosophy of Language
  • Spanish 4412F Spanish in Contact

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