"The MA program in Linguistics is a great program for students interested in linguistics and a variety of language-related fields, such as psychology, language disorders, and computer science. The interdisciplinary nature of the program was a perfect fit for me, being interested in both theoretical linguistics and language disorders, and it allowed me to tailor my Masters degree to focus on my exact research interests. And because the program is small, I felt supported in every way by the faculty, staff, and peers in the department. The faculty members are friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable and made each of my classes interesting and challenging, and because of this, I feel entirely prepared to begin my doctoral studies. On top of all that, the MA program is exceptionally well-funded. I definitely recommend this program for anyone looking for a personalized, challenging, and interdisciplinary graduate experience!"

Kristen Izaryk
(M.A. 2011)

Kaja Jasinska (M.A. 2009)

"The M.A. program in Linguistics at UWO offers a unique opportunity to study linguistics from an interdisciplinary perspective and work with faculty across disciplines. The professors are approachable and eager to share their expertise, and provide the resources and support for success while challenging you along the way. The small size of the program ensures that the students and professors get to know each other very well and work together. My graduate experience in the M.A. program in Linguistics provided me with the necessary research skills and theoretical foundation to continue language research at the Ph.D. level."

"The Master's in Linguistics program at the University of Western Ontario was the perfect fit for me. The two year Master's program is giving me the time, not only to develop my own research ideas, but also allowing me to specialize my skills and knowledge in linguistics. The small class sizes have allowed me to get to know each and every one of my professors and to expand my academice network incredibly. The professors and staff within the program are understanding, friendly and communicative and work to the highest level to be accommodating and to push me towards personal success. My experiences within this program have been great and I feel that it has more than prepared me to continue my research onto the PhD level. I highly recommend the Master's in Linguistics program to all students interested in a higher level of understanding within the field of linguistics."

Caelan Marr
(M.A. 2010)

Jessica Spieker (M.A. 2009)

"Why should you study linguistics at Western? Because the program is small and supportive and you will receive all the attention you require, because the faculty comes from many diverse academic backgrounds, because you will have access to all the facilities in the TALL lab, because you will be well funded, and most of all because you will have the exciting opportunity to conduct your own independent linguistic research at a world-class university. My experiences in the graduate Linguistics program here at Western have been nothing short of phenomenal - the courses are all well crafted and interesting, the professors are incredibly knowledgeable, approachable and helpful, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to conduct my research in such a wonderful academic environment!"

Western provides the best student experience among Canada's leading research-intensive universities.