Visix Training and Glossary

Use this page to request training, and to refresh yourself on terms used throughout the Visix world.

To review the Powerpoint presnetation offered at the Orientation sessions, click the link below.

Visix Orientation

Training Requests

Once your Visix Channel Player and screens have been installed in your building, someone from the Visix Support team will be in contact with you to schedule a training seminar.  If you wish to be re-trained or have the Visix Support team train a new member of your creative team, please contact

Glossary of Terms

Channel Player

  • The hardware that powers your screen


  • A Message or Piece of Media
  • Can be created as a bulletin or ticker


  • Simple Messages, scheduled to playlists
  • Created using a Template or PowerPoint


  • A Series of Bulletins in order
  • Can be scheduled to play at a given date and time


  • Text that scrolls across the screen, scheduled to Crawllists
  • Can be Text or an RSS Feed


  • A series of Tickers in order
  • Can be scheduled to play at a given date and time

Content Blocks

  • Where playlists and crawllists are scheduled to play


  • The Overall Arrangement of Content Blocks

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