Division of Information Technology Services


What is new with Visix?

Over the last few months we have been working through an upgrade to our Visix system.  Many users have complained about not being able to access Visix after the upgrade.  New instructions for access to Visix are located  at How Do I ... Access Visix with my Browser.

What is Visix?

Visix is a product that delivers a digital signage solution to screens across campus.  This system is designed for ease of use and quick updates while giving users the ability to manage their content in a powerful way using only a web browser and your favourite graphics design program.  Visix also allows direct emergency communications that allows certain users to broadcast messages that are important to the University community as a whole.

What Buildings is Visix in now?

Visix is currently playing in the following buildings:

What Buildings are Scheduled for installation?

Visix is currently scheduled to be installed in the following buildings:

How can I get a Visix System installed in my building?

If you currently either don't have a Digital Signage System installed in your building or you want to convert your current system to Visix, contact visix-support@uwo.ca to place your request and someone will get back to you shortly.

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