Division of Information Technology Services

Relocation of Telephone

As a result of the move of the Western telephone system to VoIP technology, it is now possible in many cases for Western departments to move a phone between physical locations on campus without ITS assistance.

To move a phone to a new location, try the following steps prior to contacting ITS.

If the change is successful, after a short delay, the phone will reset, display the correct extension information and present a dial tone.

Though this will work in a large percentage of cases, there are many different situations where a moved phone will not function successfully in a new location even though a wall connection is available. In these cases or if you would prefer to have ITS complete the phone move for you, please contact the ITS Helpdesk (x83800, https://servlet.uwo.ca/helpdesk/index.jsp) to have a technician come on-site to assist. A minimum one hour Time and Materials charge will apply. The final cost may be higher depending on the specific requirements of the move.

Upon successful self-move of a phone, please complete this form to report the new location information for the purposes of accurate billing information.

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