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Voice or Data Line Install

This form is to be used ONLY by the unit Telephone Coordinator or unit head. To review costs see Billable Voice & Data Services. The ITS Help Desk schedules requests on a "first come - first served" basis. Other customers' requests have been scheduled in advance, and due to the volume of requests that we receive, it may take as long as 5-10 working days to issue your order. As well, there are times where other factors or projects on campus may cause further delays in the ordering process. Please feel free to call us directly if you have an emergency or exceptional situation.

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  • Telephone Coordinators Information

  • Telephone Set/Data Circuit Information

  • Type of Telephone Number:
  • Type of Line:
  • Type of Set:
  • Lan Connection:
  • Speed of Lan Connection:
  • Please provide us with a specific date - please do not indicate "ASAP"
  • Western Directory Information

  • If this new phone is for a specific person, please complete the following:

  • Frequently Used Service

  • If this new phone is for a Frequently Used Service, please complete the following:

  • Please note - Directory changes will be done when the set is installed.

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