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Meet-Me-Conference Call

Information Technology Services will no longer provide Meet-Me-Conference call service effective May 1, 2015. 

We will continue to accept Meet-Me-Conference requests up to April 17, 2015 provided these Conference call requests have scheduled dates before April 30, 2015.

For more information please click here.

The following is an example of the e-mail instructions that will be sent when a conference call has been requested. If you are interested in this service, please complete the web form or contact the ITS Help Desk at 519 661-3800 (ext. 83800).


A conference call has been set up as requested:


Number of Callers: <NUMBER OF CALLERS>

Call time:  From <START TIME>  To: <END TIME>
(Please be sure to stay within your time so that other users of the system are not inconvenienced.  Thank you.)

##### Your telephone must generate "Touch Tones" in order for these instruction to work properly. Rotary dial phones will not work. #####

Here are the numbers required for the call:

(Use the above number if you are calling long distance into the conference call.  Please do not use the above number if calling from a local number - if you do, unnecessary long distance charges will be billed.  For local calling numbers, see below.  This is only for callers in North America.)

Local Number: <LOCAL NUMBER>
(Use this number if someone is within the London Calling area, but not on campus. International callers will need to use the appropriate country code and long-distance charges will apply.)

(Use this number if someone is on campus.)

##### Please note the following #####

After dialing one of the above numbers, all callers will hear 3 quick tones and then:

*** -->  _A new dial tone will be heard_  <-- ***

All callers will need to enter the following pass number at this new dial tone:

Password: <PASSWORD>

##### Please note the following #####

The first caller into the conference call will hear a phone ringing until a second caller dials into the conference service.  This phone ringing will continue until the second caller is attached.  In some cases the timing between the first caller calling in and the second caller connecting can be a few minutes.  It is recommended that the first caller remain on the line, with the phone ringing, for a few minutes before disconnecting from the bridge and trying again.  Please also ensure that the correct password has been supplied after the initial connection is made through one of the above supplied numbers.

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