Division of Information Technology Services

Voicemail Shortcuts

While listening to the Main Menu

    1	Hear new messages
    2	Send a message
    3	Review old messages
    4	Change setup options
    41	Change greeting
    412	Turn on/off alternate greeting
    431	Change phone pin
    432	Change recorded name
    5	Find Messages
    51	Find messages from subscriber

While listening to a Message

    1	Rewind - 5 seconds
    2	Pause / resume
    3	Fast-forward 5 seconds
    33	Fast-forward to end
    4	Slow Playback
    44	Slower playback
    5	Play message properties
    6	Fast playback
    66	Faster playback
    #	Skip message, save as is
    ##	Skip message, save as New

During message menu

    334	Restart message
    335	Play message properties
    336	Forward
    337	Delete
    338	Replay
    3382	Replay to all
    339	Save / Restore as saved

After message menu

    1	Rewind - 5 seconds from end of message
    4	Replay message
    5	Play message properties
    6	Forward message
    7	Delete
    8	Replay
    82	Replay to all
    88	Call the subscriber
    9	Save / Restore as new
    #	Save as is
    ##	Save as New / restore as New

Send message menu

    #	Send message
    1	Mark Urgent
    2	Request return receipt
    3	Mark private
    4	Request future delivery
    5	Review recording
    7	Add to recording
    91	Add name
    92	Hear all names (and delete all names)
    *	Cancell message


  • From the Main Menu
    Press 1 to listen to New messages
    Press 31 to listen to Saved messages
    Press 32 to listen to Deleted messages
    Press 7 to Delete message
    Press 9 to Save message
    Press # to skip to the next message.


  • Enable this greeting to play during a specific time period when you want to indicate special circumstances. Eg: on vacation, away on business etc. While your alternate greeting is active, callers will not be allowed to leave you messages.
    If you chose not to set an expiration date the voicemail system will play a prompt after you log onto the phone, reminding you that your alternate greeting is still enabled.
  • To Enable Your Alternate Greeting:
    From the Main Menu
    Press 4 to select Setup Options
    Press 1 to select Greetings
    Press # skip hearing your current greeting
    Press 2 to turn on your alternate greeting
    To End Your Alternate Greeting:
    Press 1 to specify the day and time when you want the voicemail system to end it. When prompted, enter it by using either the 12- or 24-hour clock format. 
    The voicemail system will automatically disable this greeting based on what you have specified and start playing your standard personal Greeting to your callers.


  • You can use private distribution lists to create your own groups of voice message recipients. When you address a voice message to one of your private lists, all of the recipients on the list receive the message. 10 empty private lists have been provided for you to personalize. Only you can send voice messages to your private lists. You can have up to 25 members per private list.
    To create a Private List:
    Log on to you voicemail
    From the main menu
    Press 4 for setup options
    Press 2 for message settings
    Press 4 to edit private lists
    Press 1 to hear lists
    Press 2 to change names
    Chose private list by number from 1 to 20. Enter list number. After the voicemail system plays the list name "Empty List", follow the propts to add names to the list
    Press * when finished adding names to the list
    Press 4 to Record the name of the list, press # to end recording
    Press * to save the new name
    To change members of a Private List:
    Log on to you voicemail
    From the main menu
    Press 4 for setup options
    Press 2 for message settings
    Press 4 to edit private lists
    Press 2 to change names
    Choose the private list whose members you want to change
    press 1 to add names
    Press 2 to play names
    Press 3 to delete a name
    Press 4 re-record the lists name to save the changed list
    Press * to save changes

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