Division of Information Technology Services

VoIP Phone Features

Call History

This feature allows you check logs for missed, received and placed calls. You can call individuals back directly while viewing this information.

Conference Calling

You can now make conference calls for up to 6 participants without having to go through ITS - Telecommunications. Please note that this replaces the three way calling previously available through the transfer feature when using the Digital phone. Additional conference features are available please contact the ITS Help Desk via web form or by phone at 519 661-3800, ext. 83800.

Hands Free

The speaker phone is a standard option on all VoIP phones allowing you to remain hands free when taking calls. This allows us to pass along this feature at a cost savings to you e.g. previously this feature required that you upgraded your Digital phone model.

Ring Tones

Individuals can personalize their ring tone and chose from approximately thirty different options.

Soft Keys

Quite possibly the best feature of the new VoIP phones is the use of soft keys. The functionality of the phone is not limited to the number of buttons, key functionality changes based on the current task that you are performing. Therefore it is important to reference you phone screen.

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