PGP Encryption

Symantec PGP Corporate Desktop Client License

  • Includes: Email messaging; PGP Whole Disk Encryption; PGP NetShare
  • Support level: Essential (Symantec’s required level)
  • Maintenance: must be renewed annually
  • Connection to: Western's PGP Universal Server (managed by ITS)

Item Cost:

  • All item costs are provided by the Symantec reseller in Canadian dollars.
  • Current academic cost per license: ~$125USD*
      *NOTE: This price will fluctuate at time of purchase.
  • The cost of the client software is billed directly back to customer.
  • The required server license is supplied and maintained by ITS.
  • After the first year, there is a fee charged to maintain the client product (at Symantec's required support level).
    NOTE: This annual maintenance fee will be approx. 25% of the original purchase price.

Looking for more information about Mac OS encryption or want to discuss other PGP options? Contact the ITS Site License Coordinator.

Ready to purchase PGP?

  • This site license is restricted to users at Western.
  • Use the PGP Client Order Form to submit your request.

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