Division of Information Technology Services

Western Faculty and Staff

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Scantron Basic/Free Service:
Full Marking Service (details):

How do I get my scantrons over to ITS for scanning?
Scantrons must be dropped off and picked up from the ITS Administration Office (SSB 4300). We are located in the Support Services Building (on Western Rd between Huron University College and Saugeen-Maitland Hall). 

What if someone else is dropping off my exams?
If a staff member or T.A. delivers the exams to ITS, be sure he/she has the completed form and it includes his/her name (where indicated).

How do I retrieve the files ITS sends to me?

Processing Time:
ITS Basic/Free Scanning Service - 24 hours (for exam pickup)
ITS Full Marking Scanning - up to three business days

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