Division of Information Technology Services

King's Pick up and Drop Off

***Exams dropped off by KUC Central Services will only be sent back with the driver.***

How should I prepare my scantrons for delivery to ITS?
Put the following items into an envelope and mark your name/course/section on the front:

(1) a completed request form (choose from one of the two options below)
(2) the answer key or keys if included (if more than one set - one key per version)
(3) all scantron forms (if more than one version; separated and grouped by version)

Scantron Basic/Free Service:
Print off the request form and include it with your exams. Each set of exams MUST have a form.

Full Marking Service (details):
Print off the full marking form and complete (be sure to add the billing PO number). This form must be included with your exams.

NOTE: The full marking service will be discontinued September 1, 2015 (more details).

How do I send this package over to ITS for scanning?
Check with your department for the procedures in place for scantron pick up and delivery.

Can I drop off the exams myself?
Yes, instructors may drop-off/pick-up their exams at the ITS Administration Office (SSB 4300) using the same instructions and forms. We are located in the Support Services Building on Western Road.

Can the driver pick up exams I dropped off?
No, the driver is responsible for only the packages he/she dropped off to ITS.

How do I retrieve the files ITS sends to me?

Processing Time:
ITS Basic/Free Scanning Service - 24 hours (for scantron pickup)
ITS Full Marking Scanning - up to three business days

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