Set up Java Environment

Ramp is invoked via the Java Network Launching Protocol and requires the Java Web Start client distributed in the Java Runtime Environment(JRE). If you need to download or check if you have the required JRE, click here:

Once the JRE is installed, you should be able to launch ramp by clicking on "ramp" link below. In rare cases with some old browsers, you may have to create an association in your browser between the jnlp file types linked below and the Java Web Start application in the JRE.

In my browser preferences, the following MIME type value seems to work well for the .jnlp extensions of the web resources Web Start reads:


Recommended Requirements:

- Java Version 5 (also known as 1.5) or higher is required
- Screen resolution 1280 x 1024 is strongly recommended for best viewing resutls (eg: least number of scroll bars)
- Firewall Configuration:
      - Ports 1099/6099 for servers rampprimary.uwo.pri and rampsecondary.uwo.pri must be reachable. If blocked, you will see an error message "Unable to connect to either rampprimary.uwo.pri or rampsecondary.uwo.pri"