File & Print

What is Cluster?

Cluster is a central file service that ITS offers. Through the use of our Active Directory environment and Storage Area Network we provide access to over 1TB of storage space. Information stored is backed up on a nightly basis through our Legato NetWorker environment.

What are the Benefits of Cluster?

File Storage Central file storage that is shareable amongst the members of your department. Storage allotments can be increased or decreased for what amounts to be a simple monthly fee change.
Automated Backup Nightly backup of our Storage Area Network (SAN) allows for assured recovery of that lost important document. Staging backups decrease the restoration time greatly.

Central Print Services

ITS provides a load-balanced print environment based on Windows 2003 servers with R2 extensions. This environment allows for the newest print drivers and gives redudancy by having one of the two servers in each of our different server hosting rooms. All printers in this environment are secured through our corporate Active Directory domain. This environment gets backed up on a nightly basis and is fed by our high-speed network.

List of Participating Departments

Please see our ever expanding list of participating departments.

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