Active Directory

What is Active Directory?

Active Directory is an LDAP compliant directory service that runs on a Windows server which provides a central logon and management interface for users, computers, printers, information and network resources.

What does ITS use Active Directory for?

ITS uses Active Directory as a platform to offer centrally managed services such as information storage, printing, web application deployment and access to network resources such as wireless network authentication and the General Student Computing Labs.

What are the Benefits of Active Directory?

Authentication and Authorization Central management of your departments users and password synchronization with the UWO Personal Computing Account which every member of UWO receives. Secure your information on any combination of per user, group or access rights basis.
Group Policy Application

Create and apply policies to groups of users or computers in order to manage them easier, such as:

  • Set all computers to automatically receive Windows updates from ITS servers
  • Configure local admin ID's and passwords
  • Set default printers for users depending on location
  • Run login scripts and set default mappings to data shares
  • Distribute software to users remotely
  • Control desktop settings to ensure Internet security
Reduced Cost There is no need to purchase a server infrastructure, this is already provided. Your users already exist on our system, ready to be configured for access.
Flexibility Take advantage of our resources while providing resources of your own through your servers.

List of Participating Departments

Please see our ever expanding list of participating departments.

Distributed Administration

ITS offers you the ability to administer your own department or have ITS do it for you. We provide all the services required to enable your own administration. We also have a dedicated OnSite team that can handle all your administrative needs.

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