A small group of dedicated individuals works behind the scenes supporting dozens of servers that provide several key services to the Western community.

These services include the following:

  • Design and maintenance of the UWO Windows Active Directory. This directory holds IDs for all Western faculty, staff, and students and provides a central method of authentication and authorization for the campus.
  • Hosting of web applications
  • Hosting of database applications, usually involving SQL or Oracle
  • Shared file and print services
  • Management of up-to-date Antivirus software from Trend Micro for thousands of desktops and hundreds of servers across campus
  • Management of servers used in the Higher Education and Advancement PeopleSoft applications. The team’s focus is to provide a secure infrastructure with high availability. This is accomplished by working closely with all other areas of ITS as well as other IT groups across campus, and often with external sources including vendors and organizations such as SANs and Educause.

Tasks routinely performed by the team include the following:

  • Setup and installation of servers and applications
  • Installation of any needed upgrades/ patches
  • Second level support for both the ITS Onsite and Support Centre teams, as required
  • Management of windows allocated disk on our Storage Area Network
  • Development of tools to support Active Directory management
  • Ongoing research of new technology


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