Apple OS X (Mac)


Client compatible with OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leaopard), 10.7 (Lion), and 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Client Install

Before installing the required software, you must ensure your Mac is configured to allow software from all sources to be installed.

To do this, open up System Preferences, then select Security & Privacy.

Click the lock to allow changes, this will prompt for your Mac password.

Under "Allow applications downloaded from:" select "Anywhere", when the confimation popup appears, select "Allow from Anywhere"

screenshot showing system security preferences

Download the Mac Client disk image from the downloads section above.

Double click on the MyVLab_Client_Mac.dmg to mount the image and display its contents

screenshot showing the client disk image in a folder

screenshot showing the client package contents

Double click on RDC Installer to start the install.

screenshot of running rdc client installer

Click Continue, Continue, Agree to the License Agreement, Install, enter your Mac password. The installer will then install the Microsoft RDC for Mac Software.

Once the software has finished installing, click Close.

screenshot of the RDC install finished

Next, drag the VMware Horizon View Client app to the Applications folder shortcut

screenshot of dragging the view app into applications

Launch the VMWare Horizon View Client from your applications folder. You will be prompted to allow the application downloaded from the internet to run.

screenshot of allowing the application to run

You may be prompted for your mac password once again to start some USB/printing services.

Click on the Cloud above "Add Server"

Enter ""

screenshot of configuring the view server

Enter your Western ID and password

screenshot of entering credentials to log in

Double click on the MyVLab desktop icon

screenshot of desktop to select

the Remote Desktop Client should open and ask for your permission to connect, select Allow

screenshot of allowing RDP to run

You will receive another popup to allow client drive mappings, click Allow

screenshot of allowing drives to connect

You will now be logged into your MyVLab Session.