MyVLab Overhaul

MyVLab has a View of things on the Horizon.

In an effort to address the increasing number of issues users had experienced over the last year with MyVLab, ITS has made the decision to abandon Oracle Secure Global Desktop in favor of VMware Horizon View. Horizon View provides secure remote access to Windows Remote Desktop Servers over SSL while improving the visual performance of the desktop experience.

Desktop Experience in MyVLab

The new MyVLab experience provides a Windows desktop experience. As part of our upgrades, the server infrastructure for MyVLab has been upgraded to Windows 2008 R2. This provides users familiar with newer versions of Windows (Vista/7/8) a more unified look and feel with their personal computers as well as the the ITS managed Genlabs.

MyFiles Personal Storage

MyFiles is a 2 GB home folder for all students and faculty for secure general file storage. This storage is available from both MyVLab and ITS General Purpose Computer Labs (Genlabs), with more availability to come.

Updated Applications

The following applications have been updated to the more recent versions: