Cellular Services

    Cellular Coverage and Capacity at Western

    Cellular usage by students, faculty and staff began increasing approximately 5 years ago.  To support 'the best student experience" and the increasing numbers of faculty and staff using celular devices as productivity tools, Western conducted an extensive RFP process and selected Bell as Western's preferred cellular provider for a 5 year contract effective August 1, 2012 and ending on July 31, 2017.  Western has an option to extend the contract twice for successive one year extensions.

    As part of their agreement with Western, Bell made a significant investment at Western to improve cellular capacity and coverage on campus by leading a project to design and build the systems using a solution that works with other major Canadian Operators (Rogers, TELUS). 

    In-building systems were installed in the University Community Centre, the Western Student Services Building, the Engineering buildings and the Support Services Building.   Bell worked with Rogers to add their service to the in-building systems.

    Two macro sites were installed. The first, installed on Weldon Library, increased capacity and coverage to the Concrete Beach and surrounding areas and buildings.  The second, installed on Essex Hall, increased capacity and coverage to the Richard Ivey Business School and the south end of campus including the Recreation centre, Stadium, Perth Hall and Ontario Hall. 

    While Bell is our preferred supplier, in some instances, another supplier may offer service levels that may better meet your individual needs. 

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