Laptop Recommendations @ Western

A very common question that students and parents have is "What type of computer should I buy?". It is important to note that NO program other than Richard Ivey school of Business at the University of Western Ontario requires a student to own a laptop and there are several computer labs on campus that are available to all students.

If you decided to purchase a laptop, you should purchase the best system that you can comfortably afford as you will likely be using the system for the next 4 years of your schooling. It is generally recommended that you buy as much RAM as you can afford, to improve system performance, and consider purchasing a larger hard drive, if you anticipate working with large files such as audio and video files.

Wireless access is available throughout the campus. More information on wireless can be found at Wireless @ Western.

Since the computing needs of different programs may vary, please ensure you check with the Faculty or Program you are registered in before purchasing a laptop.

This website has been created with laptop computers in mind, but these specifications can also be applied to the purchase of a desktop computer.

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