Grading Forms in OWL

The Grading Forms tool provides a more granular way of grading students' work by identifying specific criteria and levels of performance against the criteria. The following guide will cover:

Getting Started with Grading Forms

Some of the benefits of using a grading form include:

To access the Grading Forms tool, click on GRADING FORMS from the Instructor or Designer tools menu located on the left-hand navigation bar (found under the Teach tab and Build tab, respectively).

Once the Grading Forms page appears, to create a Grading Form simply click on CREATE GRADING FORM. Grading Forms can also be accessed from Assignments and Discussions that use them.


Add a Title and Description for your Grading Form. You can then begin to define the criteria for your Grading Form.


As you can see below, the Grading Form already comes with a list of standard criteria and performance indicators. By clicking on the PENCIL ICON you can rename the criteria or performance indicators already listed. Clicking on the ADD CRITERION button or the ADD PERFORMANCE INDICATOR button above allows you to add additional criteria or new performance indictators, respectively. You can assign the value of each criteria/indicator by inputting a number into the POINTS field. The total will appear at the bottom. To remove an indicator or criterion, simply click the PAGE AND ARROW ICON that is found beside the pencil icon of each one. Click SAVE when you are finished.

Using Grading Forms

Grading Forms are used within OWL by linking them to Assignments or Discussions.

Using Grading Forms with Assignments

Grading Forms are linked to particular Assignments via the Assignment's properties. To access the properties of an Assignment, click on ASSIGNMENTS from the left-hand navigation bar, click on the GRAY DROP-DOWN ARROW beside the Assignment and select EDIT PROPERTIES.

In the Assignment properties, scroll down to the GRADING section. Select ALLOW THE ASSIGNMENT TO BE GRADED and then GRADE BY GRADING FORM.Click on SELECT GRADING FORM to select the form you would like to use with that particular assignment. Then click SAVE.

Using Grading Forms with Discussions

The process of assigning a Grading Form to a Discussion is similar to the process noted above. Click on the DISCUSSIONS tool from the left-hand navigation menu. Click on the GRAY DROP-DOWN ARROW beside the Discussion you wish to attach the Grading Form and select EDIT PROPERTIES.

Under the GRADING section, select GRADE BY GRADING FORM. Click on SELECT GRADING FORM to assign the Grading Form you wish to be associated with this Discussion. Click SAVE when you are finished.