EZProxy Off-Campus Access

EZProxy was created in 1999 to allow libraries to provide easy access of licensed databasesto their users. In order to fulfill licensing agreements, Western users must enter their Western account user name and password to access online documents that the university has paid for. You will know you are connected to the EZProxy because the word ‘proxy’ will be part of the URL if you have logged in properly. EZProxy works by making sense of HTML pages by looking for anything that begins with <a href=…. It then rewrites what it finds with a “special” URL, so that users can view documents.

OWL works with EZProxy by allowing users on a OWL course site to access online articles from off-campus locations. Teachers can enter the URLs of articles for their course into OWL. OWL is linked to EZProxy to allow students to view the content. The information entered into OWL is translated into an icon that students can click to view course articles.

The following guide will cover:

Accessing Your Online Resources

Accessing Your Online Resources:

  1. Access the UWO Library website www.lib.uwo.ca.
  2. Enter your UWO Log-In Information situated on the left side of thescreen. Click LOG IN. You are now connected to EZProxy to view online Database articles.
  3. Click on DATABASES BY TITLE from the Research Resources menu.
  4. Click on the first letter of the database you would like to access, and locate the database you want. You can also go directly to the site if you have a bookmark.
  5. Search for the article in the database. Once you have located it, copy the URL from the address bar.

EZProxy Add Content Link

Setting Up the EZ Proxy Tool in OWL

  1. Once you have the URL of your article, Log In to your OWL Account. To do this, entering your Western mail username and password at www.owl.uwo.ca.
  2. Click on the course you would like to access from the course list.
  3. Click the tab that says BUILD to enter building mode. Click ADD CONTENT LINK near the top of the page.
  4. From this list, choose EZPROXY LINK and then click on CREATE EZPROXY LINK.






Uploading Your Article into EZProxy Link

  1. Enter the title of your article into the title box. The title can only use letters and numbers. If it has characters like ?().$#@, you will have to re-enter it.
  2. Paste the URL you copied of the article into the “Journal URL” box. If http:// is written twice after you paste it, delete one of them.
  3. If you would like the journal article to appear in a new window, click TRUE. If you would like it to appear in the WebCT site window, click FALSE. Click SAVE. You will go back to the main build page.
  4. Click ADD CONTENT LINK and EZPROXY LINK. The article you have just added will appear in a box of inventory items.
  5. Select the article you just added. Click ADD SELECTED. It will now appear on the page you are on.
Creating Your EZProxy Link