Instructor Tools in OWL

Instructor Tools give users the option to export final grades, upload ScanExam grades and view class photos. This guide will cover the latter two concepts, you can find out about exporting final grades in the Exporting Grades manualette.This guide will show you how to:

Upload Grades from ScanExam into OWL

STEP 1: Before using this tool, you will need to export your ScanExam results as a .dpc file. This can be accomplished from within ScanExam by clicking the TOOLS menu and selecting “CREATE DPC FILE ...

STEP 2: Under the MY OWL tab choose INSTRUCTOR TOOLS. It’s located in the External Courses box. If you do not see this option, click LAYOUT in the top right corner and enable External Courses.

STEP 3: Select the option “UPLOAD SCANEXAM GRADES” and submit.

STEP 4: Click the LAUNCH THE APPLICATION link. A window will prompt you whether to run or save the file. Either is okay, but if you plan on using the Uploader frequently, saving the file to your desktop will provide quick and easy access in the future.

*Mac users: If you are using a browser other than Safari, it will not work unless you save the file and launch it from Finder.

STEP 5: Once the application has been launched, log in with your WebCT username and password. BROWSE to select the .dpc files you wish to use as input. You can select multiple input files if all results are intended to go into the same OWL Grade Book column.

Select the OWL section to upload the grades to and enter a name for the column in the GradeBook if you don’t like the default name.

Choose whether or not to release the grades to students right away. The default option, not to release grades immediately, is highly recommended.

Click UPLOAD GRADES to begin the uploading process.

STEP 6: Once the upload process has completed, a report of the results will be displayed. To save the report to a file, RIGHT CLICK on the text area and choose SAVE AS.

Check the result in the GradeBook

STEP 7: Grades can be released to students after reviewing. Click COLUMN SETTINGS under GRADE BOOK OPTIONS.

STEP 8: In the Released to Student row, change the original NO to YES.

Class Photos

STEP 1: Select the option “VIEW CLASS PHOTOS” under INSTRUCTOR TOOLS and click CONTINUE.

STEP 2: Select the course you wish to check and SUBMIT.

STEP 3:View the result.