Exporting Grades: Instructors

For documentation on tools available only to department administrators, please read the Exporting Grades: Department Administrators manualette.


The Final Grade Export tool helps instructors securely submit course grades to their department administrator. The department administrator then approves the grades and sends them to the Office of the Registrar. The Final Grade Export tool is accessible through WebCT OWL.

Entering Grades

Grades must be entered into the Grade Book prior to exporting. If you have already entered your grades, please skip ahead to Accessing the Tool. To get to the Grade Book:

  1. Log into WebCT OWL.
  2. Select your course from your Course List.
  3. Click on the Teach tab.
  4. Select Grade Book, which is listed underneath Instructor Tools in the left navigation bar.

Your Grade Book will now be displayed. Each row represents a member of the course, while the columns contain comments and grades.

To create a new grade column:

  1. Click the Create Column button and select Alphanumeric.
  2. Name your column in the space provided. “Final Grades” is recommended. The preset column in Grade Book named 'Final' cannot be used, as it is a calculated column.
  3. Uncheck "Released to Student".
  4. Click Save to return to the Grade Book.

To enter final grades:

  1. Click the drop-down menu to the right of the title of your new column and select Edit Values.
  2. Enter grades for each student into the Change To column.
  3. Click Save to return to the Grade Book.

For more information on entering grades and using the Grade Book, please refer to the OWL Grade Book Manualette.

Accessing the Tool

To access the tool:

  1. Log into WebCT OWL.
  2. On the MyOWL page, click on Instructor Tools, which is listed under External Courses.
  3. Select Export Final Grades, and click Continue.

The Final Grade Export tool will automatically open in default view. If you would prefer to use the older version of the Final Grade Export tool (prior to Summer 2011), clickSwitch to classic view in the top right. You can toggle back to default view at any time by clicking Switch to default view. This manualette focuses on the new default view, but full documentation for the classic view is available.

Default view provides a more streamlined experience that sorts your courses and allows you to search for specific sections.

Exporting Grades

When you first open the Grade Export Tool, you will see a list of all your sections for the current academic term.

How to export

  1. If you are exporting grades for any term other than the current one, select the term by clicking the corresponding link in the left column OR by selecting the All Terms link to display all your sections from all terms. You can further refine your course list using the filter.
  2. Click the drop-down menu beside each section you are exporting grades for and select the grade column you would like to export. All columns in the section's Grade Book will be listed as options.
  3. Click the Confirm and Export link in the left column to verify that all the appropriate sections and grade columns have been selected for exporting.
  4. Click the Export button beneath the Confirm and Export link to submit your grades for approval.

What happens next

How to make revisions

  1. Update your final grades column in the Grade Book.
  2. Repeat the steps from the "How to Export" section above. Only grades that have been changed will be exported.

If your department administrator has not yet approved the original grades, then your original grade submission will simply be updated. If your administrator has already approved your original grades, he or she will be notified that revised grades have been submitted for approval.

Using the Filter

The filter allows you to find particular courses or sections in the Final Grade Export tool. To use the filter:

  1. Type a criterion into the filter bar, such as a course number, section number, or subject.
  2. Click the filter button or press enter/return on your keyboard. Only courses that match the critera will be displayed.
    • Note: Filtering applies across all terms, not just the currently selected term. The number of sections in brackets next to each term will update accordingly.
  3. To remove filtering and display all courses once again, click Remove Filtering or clear the filter bar and click the filter button, or press enter/return on your keyboard.

Logging out

When you have finished exporting grades, click the Close Final Grade Export button in the top right. A message will confirm that you have successfully logged out of the tool and that you can now close the window. Logging out keeps your account secure.