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Managing my Non-Person Accounts

Managing Non-Person Accounts (NPAs) will mostly be done in Western Identity Manager. Below are instructions for common account management tasks.

  • Account is requested. Western Identity Manager form is properly filled out and an email is automatically sent to the ITS Computer Accounts Office to begin the approval process. More info...
  • Approval process. The ITS Computer Accounts Office will validate the request for such things as; is the requestor allowed to own a Non-Person account, or are there alternative solutions that would better serve the request? (mailing lists, etc.)
  • Creation of account. If approval process is successful, ITS Computer Accounts Office will create the account and notify both the owner as well as the owner's department contact of the new account.
  • Not activated status. The account is not currently useful, waiting to be activated. All services are disabled.
  • Activation of the account. Activation is completed using Western Identity Manager. More info...
  • Active status. The account is in a useful state.
  • First notice of expiry.
  • Second notice of  expiry.
  • Expiration
  • Expired status.
  • No longer accessible.

    Non-Person Account Life Cycle

    Non-Person account life cycle


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