Special Characters

In an attempt to clarify the cryptic passwords generated by Western we have provided a list of all special characters and their respective names. Please note that not all keyboards have the same layout. Most keyboards should have these symbols, they may just be in different places on the keyboard.

Character Symbol Character Name Alternate Names
{ } Braces Curly Brackets
[ ] Brackets Square Brackets
: Colon  
; Semicolon  
' Apostrophe  
" " Quotation Marks Quotes
, Comma  
. Period Dot
? Question Mark  
/ Forward Slash Virgule, Divide
\ Back Slash  
| Pipe  
= Equal Sign  
+ Plus Sign Add
_ Underscore  
- Hyphen Minus, Subtract, Dash
( ) Parentheses Round Brackets
* Asterisk Multiply, Star
& Ampersand And
^ Caret Circumflex
% Percent  
$ Dollar Sign  
# Pound Number Sign
@ 'at'  
! Exclamation Mark  
` Grave Grave Accent
~ Tilde Squiggly
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