Division of Information Technology Services

What's New... for Genlabs

VDI has been implemented!

We know you’re asking though, what is VDI?

Virtual Desktop Environment. VDI will change your PC computing experience from a “Desktop Computer” (Host Based Environment) to a “Zero Client”(Server Based Environment).   This change will Dramatically cut power consumption and lower heating standards within each lab.

What about all the software I’m used to seeing?

All software that you were used to seeing will still be available with the notable addition of ArcGIS, a geographic information system based software. 

What about my storage space?

On the storage side of things there no longer will be a D:drive on the systems to store your data. Instead, each student and faculty member will be allocated 2GB of storage space for personal documents that will be backed up nightly.  You can save documents to your “My Documents” folder on the desktops and also to the MyFiles (H:) drive.

This all sounds great, but where can I use VDI?

All Labs have been converted to VDI except for NCB 105.   NCB105 has had a complete overhaul, replacing the aging computers with brand new computers.  We welcome any feedback you may have to genlabs@uwo.ca.

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