Glossary of Technology Terms Commonly Used at Western

Western Identity

Id and password issued to every Western Employee that provides access to email and Human Resources as well as other technology resources on campus.



Short for Internet Message Access Protocol, a protocol for retrieving email messages.  On the Western Campus, IMAP is the setup option of choice if you wish to keep your email messages ont he email server so that they will be available at any location you access your mail.



Short of Post Office Protocol, a protocol used to retrieve e-mail from a mail server.  On the Western Campus, POP is used if you wish to download your messages from the Western email server to your local workstation.  If you use POP, any inbox messages will only be available on the workstation you downloaded them to and not from multiple locations.



Refers to the Windows Central File and Print Sharing resource supported by ITS and used by many departments on campus.  Fro more information on Central File and Print Access, please see the ITS Services Document at .

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