Western Workplace Technology

Resources for Western Faculty and Staff on effective use of Western Workplace Technology

Welcome to Western!  This page is intended to provide some basic information on using the Western Telephone System and your desktop computer.

Glossary of commonly used technology terms at Western.

My Telephone

My Computer

  • How do I get in (log in) to my computer?
    • Check with your supervisor for information on how to log into your computer
    • All new employees at Western are provided with a Western Identity and password (PCA)
    • This id and password are the key to gaining access to many computer-based resources on campus including email and Human Resources.
    • This ID MAY also be used by your department to provide access to shared network files and printing.
    • The information will be issued to you in paper form, by the Computer Accounts Office (x83800)
    • When you first start your computer, you may be prompted to "log in". The login may be your Western Identity and password or may be specific to your department. 

  • What may I use my computer for?
    • Students and Staff of Western  are expected to read and agree to the Acceptable Use Agreement.  
    • Acceptance of this Agreement activates access to email, browsing and other secure resources
    • Use your Western Identity and password to accept this agreement

  • What kind of computer will I use?
    • Every department at Western has its own flavour of computing environment. 
    • Most desktop computers are Windows Operating System based, but some departments favour MacIntosh or Linux computers
    • The software applications you use will also vary according department

  • How is my computer connected to the Campus and the the world?
    • Most computers on the Western campus are connected to the University Backbone Network
    • This high-speed network allows you to connect to other campus computers as well as the Internet
    • Your computer uses an email client to connect to the UWO email server.  
    • You may have network drive letters that give you access to departmental files and printers
    • Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape are available to access the Internet
    • Diagram of common Western computer connectivity

  • How do I access email? 
    • Every employee of Western is eligible for a Western email account 
    • To access email, you will need your Western Identity and password 
    • You need to activate your account by electronically signing the Acceptable Use Agreement 
    • Western mail can be accessed by using IMAP or POP email clients 
    • The email client used will depend on the client preferred within your department.  
    • Examples of email clients are Thunderbird and Outlook 
    • To configure your email client, see our Email How Do I's...

  • How much storage do I have for email?
    • 250 MB of disk space is allotted for email.
    • If you exceed this limit, you will receive a notification from the Computer Accounts office that you are reaching the limit of your space 
    • If cleanup is not done, your account may stop accepting email. 
    • Remember that attachments contribute significantly to the amount of space used by mail
    • To free up space in your email account and prevent going "over quota", remember to empty your trash and delete unnecessary Sent Mail 
    • Other tips for reducing the amount of space in your email/Unix account can be found at http://www.uwo.ca/its/doc/hdi/email/quota.html

  • Who should I call if I have problems with email?
    • Call the ITS Help Desk at x83800 or your departmental IT Contact

  • What about Spam, mail forwarding, password changes and other email questions?

  • Do I have space provided for a Personal Web Area?

  • Am I able to access Western email from home?
    • The easiest way to access Western email from home is through http://mail.uwo.ca (using your regular email login and password)

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