E-Mail Features

With the introduction of our new MTA (message transfer agent) servers we are now able to offer a variety of new e-mail features.

Authenticated SMTP

Authenticated SMTP allows you to use the Western outgoing mail server from any location or network. This means that all messages sent from your account will come from your Western e-mail address, through the Western e-mail servers and there will be no need to switch your outgoing mail server settings when using another network (eg. Rogers)

To use this service you will need to adjust your e-mail client settings to indicate that your outgoing mail server requires authentication. For Outlook users you will need to set the port to 465 and for other email clients you will use the port 587. You will also need to enable SSL/TLS for outgoing connections.

Detailed instructions on configuring your e-mail client to use authenticated SMTP are available at:

Maximum Message Size

The current Maximum message size is set campus wide for 25 Mb. If a person, group or department felt that they required a larger maximum message size that will be available on an individual or group basis. Previously we had only been able to increase this for the entire campus but now we can increase this limit for a person, group or department as required. This increase could be requested for a specific time period or for a permanent adjustment.

Multi Domain Support


We will now be able to provide our Spam and Virus checking for e-mail domains other than the @uwo.ca domain.

SSL/TLS Support

We will now be able to provide SSL/TLS encryption for our outgoing mail. This means that when using authenticated smtp there will be an additional level of security protecting your user ID and password as it crosses the network (or internet).

Detailed instructions on configuring your e-mail client to use authenticated SMTP are available at:

Server Side Filters

Western new web mail client, Convergence offers e-mail filters operate at the server level rather than at an e-mail client level.

Previously, you could set up mail filters using a desktop e-mail client e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook or MacMail but if you moved to another machine you would then need to recreate these filters on this computer as well.

Filters set up through Convergence are triggered before mail actually reaches your e-mail client. This means that you will only need to set up the mail filters once and they will filter your messages on every machine or e-mail client that you use.

This provides a way to deal with Spam messages at the server level and provides a great advantage to those using PDA’s or handheld devices because you will no longer have to download tagged Spam messages as they will have been filtered at the server level.

As with all e-mail client filters you can choose to have your filters move the messages to another folder or delete the message. You now have the additional option of filtering all messages over a specified size to prevent downloading large messages.

Further information about setting up filters in Convergence can be found at:

Shared Folders

Our new mail system supports Shared folders. With this service you can grant another Western person permissions to one of your mail folders. You can grant this person Read Only Access, Read and Write Access, or Read, Write and Manage access.

To enable this sharing you must log into Western's webmail client Convergence. Once the folder has been shared others with permission to the folder will be able to subscribe to and view the calendar from most email applications such as Thunderbird, Outlook, MacMail or Convergence.

Further information on setting up Shared folders can be found at:

If you have any questions about these new services please phone the Customer Support Centre at 661-3800 or e-mail helpdesk@uwo.ca.

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