Division of Information Technology Services

Email Quota

There are two default email quota levels for Western email accounts.  Faculty, staff and graduate students receive a 250MB allocation.  Undergraduate students receive a 50MB allocation. Anyone can request an increase to their email quota.

Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students

Faculty, staff, and graduate students are currently entitled to upgrade their email quota for free by emailing or calling ITS. Increases in quota are handled in 1GB increments.

Quota levels for users are intended to accommodate current usage and provide for a reasonable expectation of growth.   If you should experience a situation where your email quota is not adequate or you have questions about email quota increases, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 519 661-3800 to determine your next steps.

Undergraduate Students

The default quota for undergraduate email accounts is initially set to 50MB. Additional quota can be purchased for $5/GB.  Any additional quota purchased remains available until the owner is no longer an active Western undergraduate student. Please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 519 661-3800 for information on how to purchase additional email quota.


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