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Email Forwarding


This page explains how to forward emails from your Western email to an external email account.

Applies to Office 365


This procedure will explain how to redirect messages from your Office 365 email address to another email address.  If you forward your mail, all new messages will automatically be sent to the address you specified.

Some examples of when you might want to use mail forwarding:

Getting Started...

  1. Go to http://myoffice.uwo.ca and login, go to your Inbox
  2. Click the Gear icon in the top right
  3. Under "My App settings" click Mail
  4. Click Forwarding on the left
  5. Click "Start Forwarding"
  6. Enter the email address you wish to forward to.  Ensure "Keep a copy of forwarded messages" is selected
  7. Click Save

Testing Mail Forwarding

Be sure to test that your email is being correctly forwarded to avoid generating a mail loop.

  1. Send a message to your email address. You can use any email program that you like (ie. Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Hotmail etc.)
  2. Check your destination email account (the place you forwarded your messages to). The new message you sent should be there.
  3. Your test message will appear in the inbox of your Western email address as well, unless you have removed the checkmark from Keep a Copy of the message

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