How Do I ... Disable Ad Hoc Wireless Networking in Windows Vista & Windows 7



This document will help you disable Ad Hoc Wireless Networking in Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines.


1. Go to Start--> Search "CMD.exe".  When it is found, right click on the icon (see below) and choose the option "Run as administrator. When prompted, click Continue.

run cmd line

2. A command prompt window will open up.

cmd line utility

3. Type in "netsh wlan show filter" and hit enter. This will show current filters set in place

netsh wlan show filter-1

4. Type in "netsh wlan add filter permission=denyall networktype=adhoc" and hit enter.This creates ad-hoc blocking filter.

netsh wlan show filter-2

Note if you see " Error: Function WlanSetFilterList returns 5. the requested operation requires elevation" you will need to run these steps again as the system administrator.

5. To double check if the mail filters worked type "netsh wlan show filter" and hit enter, and you will see your mail filter under the "Block List on the system"

netsh wlan show filter-3

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