How Do I ... Setup uwosecure-v2 on Mac Leopard (10.5.5.)



This document will help you setup uwosecure-v2 on Mac Leopard 10.5.5.


You will first need to make sure you are using MAC OS X version 10.5.5 

(To check this, click on the apple button and select "About this Mac." If it is not 10.5.5 you can simply update OS X but clicking on the apple button and select "Update Software." You will need to perform this either at home with an internet connection, or hardwired on campus.) 

1. Turn offff airport.


turn airport off

2. Go into System Preferences, and select Network.


3. In the Network window that opened up, be sure to select "Airport" on the left hand side of screen, and then select "Advanced."


4. Remove any networks that you do not use, and also the uwo and uwosecure networks in the Preferred Networks area with the "-" button.

preferred network

5. Select the 802.1X tab at the top. Remove any uwo/uwosecure related user profiles and click on "+" and then select "Add User Profile."


6. In the User Profiles, rename it to uwosecure-v2.

On the right side, enter your uwo Username and Password in the required fields.
For Wireless Network, enter "uwosecure-v2". You will have to type this in manually as there will be no networks shown in the dropdown menu.
In Authentication uncheck TTLS, and make sure PEAP is the only option checked. Click OK and then Apply.


7. You will now be returned to the original network window. Turn Airport On and select "Advanced"

*NOTE: If a window pops up anytime showing available wireless signals, CLOSE it before continuing.

8. Underneath the Preferred Networks, select the "+" button.

+ button

11. For Network Name, enter "uwosecure-v2", and for Security select "WPA2 Enterprise" The rest of your credentials should automatically be filled out. Select "Add" then "OK" and then“Apply.” 
(Note: If you also see a “TLS Certificate”, ignore it and continue)


12. Turn off airport and turn it back on.

13. Now you will need to allow airport to connect itself to uwosecure-v2 which may take a few minutes. An authentication certificate will come up, click on “Show Certificate”.

show certificate

14. Check off Always trust "" and click Continue. You are now set up for uwosecure-v2.

802.1X authentication 

*NOTE: If you would like uwosecure-v2 to be your main wireless connection, you will need to insure that uwosecure-v2 is at the top of your preferred networks list. 

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