How Do I ... Use PrinterOn Service for Windows 2000/XP/Vista



The PrinterOn Service is designed to allow UWO users to print to a select group of on-campus library printers. All that's required for the service to work is a valid UWO Internet connection and a computer running Windows 2000 or above. This document describes how to install the printer driver, and configure it to send the print jobs to the on-campus printers. These instructions assume that you have a internet connection set up and you have administrative rights to install the driver on your Operating System.

How to get the PrintWhere drivers

To download the PrintWhere drivers, please visit: Internet PrintWhere drivers.

NOTE: The username is your UWO Email login name and the password is your UWO Email Password.

Installing the PrintWhere drivers

  1. Download the PrintWhere driver to a temporary folder.  
  2. Double click the PWhere.exe file PWhere to start the install.  Click next on the Welcome screen.

  3.          printerOn welcome page

  4. Click on Yes to accept the Terms in the Licence Agreement.

               printerOn license page
  5. PrinterOn drivers will start to install onto your computer. Then it will perform its configuration. This may take several minutes.

                PWhere setup
  6. Uncheck both options and click 'Finish'.


Creating a PrintWhere Account

  1. Click HERE to register for a PrintWhere account.
    Note: Be sure to register with a valid e-mail address as a confirmation/activation e-mail will be sent to that address.
  2. Before using the PrintWhere software you will need to enter some registration information. Open the PrintWhere software (see step 1 below)
    Click 'options' and click 'edit' beside PrinterOn Member Id. Enter the Member Id and Password you created above and click 'ok'.
    Note: The Login ID field will be auto-populated with your computer login name.


Configure a PrintWhere Printer

  1. Go to Start-->(All)Programs-->PrintWhere 3.5-->Choose A Printer.
  2. In the search window type 'uwo' and press 'search'.

    setup complete
  3. Select one of the four printers listed and click 'ok'.

  4. You should now see a screen similar to the one below. At the top right of the screen you will see 'Destination Ready' then press 'select'.

    choose printer

Printing using PrintWhere

In this document, we will use a HTML file as an example to illustrate how to print an article to the specific printer using PrinterOn Service.

To print an article to a specific printer, you need to do the followings steps:

  1. Open the document that you wish to print.
  2. On the top left corner, click on File --> Print to open the application's print pop up window

            choose printer 2
  3. Select PrintWhere 3.5 as the printer and make sure that the location is pointing to the printer you've specified.
    Click Print to print the documentation.

  4. Give your document a name and click 'approve'. Your job has now been sent to the printer.

    drop menu

Pick up your print job

After you've submitted the print job to the specific printer, you can visit the printer location (e.g. Weldon Library) and get your print job. You are required to have your copy card with credits on it to print the job. You can purchase a copy card in the libraries or at Graphic Services. There should be a computer that is set up very closely to the printer. Once you are in front of the printer queue computer, put in your copy card and type in your UWO Login Name. Your print jobs will show up on the screen. Select your print jobs and the jobs will be printed.

NOTE: The print job stays in the printer queue for an approximately 3 hours. If you do not pick up the print job, it will be deleted from the queue.

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