How Do I ... Print from a Mobile Mac 



This document will allow members of the university community to print to a select group of on-campus library printers. This document describes how to install the printer driver, and configure it to send the print jobs to the on-campus printers. These instructions assume that you have an internet connection set up and you have administrative rights to install the driver on your Operating System.


Step 1 - Obtain the short name of your system

Open Finder
Select Macintosh HD > Users and record the name beside the house icon for use later in this procedure.

system short name for Mac print

Step 2 - Install the necessary print drivers

Go to
Type aficio sp 8100dn 
From the search results
Select Drivers 

install Mac print drivers

Verify the Software License Agreement
Download and install the appropriate drivers for your o/s 

Step 3 - Define the Printer on your device

Open System Preferences
From Hardware tab
Select Print & Fax 

adding Mac printer - system preferences

From the Print & Fax window
Select + (symbol to add printer)

adding Mac printer - print & fax

From the Add Printer window
Select IP
Select Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD 
Type Address: 
Type Queue: library 
Select Print Using: Select Printer Software...

adding Mac printer - add printer

From the Printer Software window
Select RICOH Africio SP 8100DN PS
Select OK 

adding Mac printer - printer software

Select Add

From the Installable Options window
For the 3 options; Lower Paper Trays, Larger Capacity Tray and Finisher SR3040
Select Installed 
Select Continue 

adding Mac printer - install options

Close the Print & Fax window

Step 4 - Pickup Your Print Job

After you've submitted the print job to the specific printer, you can visit the printer location (e.g. Weldon Library) and get your print job. You are required to have your copy card with credits on it to print the job. You can purchase a copy card in the libraries or at Graphic Services. There should be a computer that is set up very closely to the printer. Once you are in front of the printer queue computer, put in your copy card and type in the short name of your system from step 1 of this procedure. Your print jobs will show up on the screen. Select your print jobs and the jobs will be printed.

NOTE: The print job stays in the printer queue for an approximately 3 hours. If you do not pick up the print job, it will be deleted from the queue.

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